In September 2021, Graham Health System partnered with Spoon River College and the SRC Foundation to launch a scholarship program, aiming to support SRC students — who intend to enter certain fields, including but not limited to medical occupations, industrial maintenance, computer information systems — with a scholarship and guaranteed employment upon graduation.  The scholarship can cover the full cost of a student’s education at SRC, and in exchange, the student agrees to work for Graham Health System for a period of time correlating to the amount of scholarship awarded.  As long as the student remains in good standing with the scholarship program and completes the work requirement, the scholarship is not intended to be paid back.

These opportunities are competitive and will be open to all current and future SRC students in qualifying disciplines of study.  Please read entirely below before applying:


  1. Health Information Management (including Medical Assistant, Medical Coding, Medical Insurance/Billing, Medical Records, Medical Transcription, Phlebotomy Technician).
  2. Nursing (including Nursing/RN, LPN, CPN).
  3. Medical Laboratory Technician
  4. Pharmacy Technician (completed through SRC Department of Community Outreach)
  5. Computer Information Systems (including Computer Forensics, Computer Information Technology, Computer and Network Technician, Computer User Support Specialist, Cyber Security, Enterprise Computer Network Specialist, Server Administrator).
  6. Culinary Management
  7. Industrial Maintenance

Other programs may be considered or added in the future.


  1. Prospective applicant must have a minimum of a 2.0 cumulative GPA (current or most recent institution’s GPA will be used).
  2. Prospective applicant must meet with an SRC advisor to develop a Completion Plan and obtain that advisor’s signature on the application.  To set up an appointment with an advisor, please call the campus/center that would be the most convenient for you:
    1. (309) 649-6400 (Canton)
    2. (309) 833-6069 (Macomb)
    3. (309) 543-4413 (Havana)
    4. (217) 322-6060 (Rushville)

    Your advisor will help you to apply for admission to SRC and apply for admission to your specific program of study, if necessary.

  3. Apply for financial aid through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), SRC code
    001643, if the program you wish to pursue is eligible for financial aid.  Your advisor will help you to
    determine whether you need to complete the FAFSA based on your program of study.


  1. INQUIRE: To express interest and begin the process, you may use the Graham Scholarship Inquiry form at the bottom of this page. (You’ll then be contacted by an advisor to get more information and/or schedule a meeting.)
  2. APPLY: Meet with an advisor and complete the application for the Graham Health System Scholarship for the Advancement of Rural Healthcare.  Please note that this is a separate application from the SRC Foundation’s general scholarship application, and it is the only application you need to complete for this scholarship.  This form will be provided to you when you meet with an advisor at SRC.
    1. All fields must be completed for eligibility.
    2. Ensure that SRC has all relevant transcripts on file if you are a new student.
    3. Include at least one personal or professional reference.
    4. Enclose your Completion Plan with the application, along with any additional pages necessary to complete any fields that require a longer response.
  3. INTERVIEW: Upon applying, if you meet the minimum requirements, you will be scheduled to interview with a representative of Graham Health System shortly after your application is received and evaluated.  NOTE: While this is a required part of the application process, the final decision for awarding scholarships rests with the SRC Foundation.
  4. NOTIFICATION: Students will generally be notified of their approval/denial within approximately 30 days of applying.


  1. Student will be required to sign several agreements with SRC Foundation and Graham Health System, including, but not necessarily limited to: Award Letter, Agreement to work at Graham Health System for a determined period of time, Promissory Note.
  2. Student will be required to meet with an SRC advisor and a designated representative of Graham Health System each semester before they may sign up for next semester’s courses (and before scholarship funds can be disbursed).
  3. Student must remain on-track academically according to agreed-upon Completion Plan, maintain a minimum SRC cumulative GPA of 2.0 or greater, and complete all requirements for completion of degree(s)/certificate(s).


  1. Student is required to take and pass any examinations required for licensure within six months of completing degree(s)/certificate(s) at SRC.
  2. Begin working at Graham Health System to complete the agreed-upon work requirement necessary to complete the program.
    1. Guaranteed to receive full pay/benefits entitled to that position with no reduction in salary.
    2. If, within 90 days of completing all requirements of completion and licensure, Graham Health System is unable to offer a position, the student may seek employment elsewhere, and the scholarship is not required to be paid back.

Students who do not complete their studies, licensure, or work commitment may be required to pay a portion or all of scholarship back to SRC Foundation.




You may also fill out the form at the bottom of the page, and an SRC advisor will get in touch with you.

Graham Health System presents check to SRC Foundation

Graham Health System Launches Scholarship Program at SRC with $500,000 Gift

In a collaborative effort to create a scholarship program that invests in the local community, Graham Health System has donated $500,000 to launch a new scholarship program that could guarantee employment to its recipients upon the completion of their studies at Spoon River College.

Beginning in the Spring 2022 semester, the Graham Health System Scholarship for the Advancement of Rural Healthcare, administered by the SRC Foundation, will be available to students who plan to pursue certain areas of study at SRC.  In exchange for a scholarship that may cover the entire cost of tuition, fees, books, materials, and potentially other expenses, the recipient will agree to work for Graham Health System for a period of time after graduation.

“It is part of our mission to support the community, and this partnership allows us to do so. We are proud to support SRC and future healthcare professionals. One of the keys to our long-term success as a thriving independent health system has been our ability to retain and recruit great employees and providers. This scholarship allows us to assist aspiring healthcare professionals at a time when a student’s finances should never be a barrier to their dreams,” said Bob Senneff, President and CEO of Graham Health System.

Eligible programs of study at SRC include, but are not necessarily limited to: Nursing, Health Information Management, Computer Information Systems, Emergency Medical Technician, Pharmacy Technician, Industrial Maintenance, and all related degree/certificate programs.

“Graham Health System is one of the largest employers in the SRC District and a major employer of SRC alumni,” said Curt Oldfield, President of SRC.  “While student success is always the primary goal at SRC, developing avenues for community partnerships and meeting the needs of local employers is one of SRC’s most important goals.  Graham’s vision and support is a win-win for Graham, for SRC students, and for the community.  We look forward to many years of this partnership and other, future collaborations with Graham.”

In addition to supporting future employment needs at Graham, this new scholarship program helps to alleviate financial need among a portion of SRC’s student body where the need is often significant.

“In our effort to help to provide excellent educational opportunities at SRC, one issue the SRC Foundation has been trying to address is the need for scholarship funding among programs that may not qualify for traditional financial aid such as Pell Grants,” said Colin Davis, Executive Director of the SRC Foundation.  “Despite an SRC education being a relative bargain, the upfront cost to pursue a degree or certification can be a significant barrier.  Graham’s foresight and generosity will help to break down these barriers for a number of individuals in our community, and we’re so grateful to Bob Senneff, Holly Henline, and the Graham Hospital Board of Trustees – with a special nod to Kevin Meade, who serves as a Trustee for both Graham and SRC – for this opportunity.”

Applications will become available on or around September 15 and be available on a rolling basis.  Current and future SRC students will be eligible.  More information on the scholarship, including how to apply, will be forthcoming on this page.

To learn more about SRC, the SRC Foundation, and Graham Health System, please visit the Spoon River College websitethe SRC Foundation webpage, and the Graham Health System website.

Graham Scholarship Inquiry Form

Graham Scholarship Inquiry Form

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