The purpose of the college theme is to highlight the similarities and uniqueness of academic disciplines and career fields so that our students may better understand and appreciate the importance and value of general education coursework. Instead of seeing different academic disciplines/career & technical programs as disconnected or competing with one another, the college theme encourages students to see the overlap in academic disciplines and appreciate the contributions that various fields make. The way faculty members apply the theme in their courses is entirely up to them, but the general use of the theme acts as a bridge between academic disciplines and career fields. The college theme reinforces the importance of a comprehensive understanding of issues and encourages students to carefully consider the various arguments and evidence from different areas.


Make Good Trouble - Break the Bad Stuff with cartoon image of hammer striking on a yellow background, also SRC logo and College Theme Presentations - 12:20 to 12:40pm
Canton Fall 2023
Douglas Okey: Tuesday, August 29th
Bridget Loftus: Wednesday, September 13th
Bob Zellmann: Wednesday, September 27th
Jamie Kotewa: Tuesday, October 10th
Mitch Williams: Wednesday, October 25th
 Macomb Fall 2023
Michael Maher: Wednesday, September 6th
Bridget Loftus: Tuesday, September 12th
Bob Zellmann: Tuesday, September 26th
Jamie Kotewa: Thursday, October 12th
Canton Spring 2024
Becky Leverette: Wednesday, January 24th
Laura Bandy: Tuesday, February 6th
Andrew Kirk:  Wednesday, February 21st
Brian Dalpiaz:  Tuesday, March 5th
Melissa Miller: Wednesday, March 20th
Amy Rutledge: Tuesday, April 2nd
 Macomb Spring 2024
Joe Glenn: Tuesday, January 23rd
Tom Vogel: Tuesday, February 20th
Beth Van Tine: Wednesday, March 27th