To apply for an Emergency Hardship Fund (EHF) grant:

Click here for the online application.

Additionally, applications may be printed (for delivery via e-mail, fax, or mail) by clicking here for Word format or here for PDF.  Prior to applying, students are strongly encouraged to have discussed their situation with a Student Success Coach, faculty member, adviser, or other trusted SRC staff person.  The completion and return of an application indicates agreement with all terms listed on this page and on the online or printable applications.

To Donate:

As of early April 2020, the SRC Foundation Board has appropriated $10,000 to start the fund, but we anticipate this need will be great in the coming days.  The fund will need constant replenishing, and we fully anticipate continuing this fund well beyond the end of the pandemic.

If you are in a situation in which you can make a donation to the EHF, we would greatly appreciate you considering to do so as we attempt to help SRC students overcome barriers to their education, which are no fault of their own.

Student Emergency Hardship Fund
Student Emergency Hardship Fund

Please click here to donate online.

We are working with our online donor portal to create a specific option for the EHF.  Until that option appears, in the “Putting Your Money to Use” section, please select “Other” and denote that your gift is for the Emergency Hardship Fund in the appropriate text box.

We appreciate your consideration.  Please note that the CARES Act stipulates that tax filers who do not itemize and use only the standard deduction will be able to deduct an additional $300 in charitable giving for tax year 2020.  For more information, please contact your tax preparer/adviser.


The SRC Foundation recognizes that the necessary decisions being made by local and state governments and local businesses in response to the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic are creating undue hardships on some students.  Additionally, the moving of classes to an alternative delivery/online format while simultaneously (and temporarily) closing campus access to all students creates new needs that would have been unforeseeable when a student registered for classes at SRC.

The SRC Foundation Student Emergency Hardship Fund is being established in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic and is intended to assist students with emergency needs and any unanticipated financial barriers to student success.

Qualifying Needs/Eligibility:

The EHF is intended to fund solutions to hardships that create barriers to a student’s ability to complete their coursework or their degree/certificate.  Additionally, the intention is to fund hardships that are true emergencies and not ones that arise from poor planning or “every day” expenses.  While we intend for this fund to continue into the future, in the short-term (Spring 2020 semester), those hardships created by the COVID-19 pandemic will be prioritized.

This fund is limited only to students who are currently enrolled in classes at SRC.  A student who is not enrolled at the time of applying and/or withdraws before a decision is reached on the application forfeits their eligibility.  A student who accepts EHF funds is not expected to pay these funds back, with the exception of a student who accepts the funds and withdraws from classes or is otherwise removed from class due to lack of attendance, lack of attempting, or a violation of student conduct policies.

Needs that could be considered include, but are not limited to:

  • Food insecurity
  • Housing insecurity or unexpected change in housing arrangements
  • Loss of income
  • Unforeseen medical bills
  • Access to technology in order to complete online coursework for the Spring 2020 semester
  • Other unanticipated expenses relating to COVID-19 or actions being taken due to COVID-19 restrictions

To be eligible, a student must:

  • Be currently enrolled as a student.  While there is no credit hour minimum, students taking at least six (6) credit hours will be given priority.
  • Demonstrate financial need
  • Have received less than $500 in emergency funds from the SRC Foundation in the last year (e.g., a student who has received $250 can apply for up to $250 more with a new emergency/hardship).  This requirement may be waived with express, written approval of the Dean of Students.
  • Have not had any violations of student conduct or academic integrity policies
    • An application for a student with a pending investigation for potential violation will be placed “on hold” until the investigation is resolved.  If the student is cleared of wrongdoing, the student will be eligible for EHF funds.
  • Have no unresolved financial holds at SRC originating prior to March 1, 2020.  EXCEPTION: Students who have holds relating to pending financial aid will still be eligible.


  1. While this fund is not actively advertised to students (beyond on the Foundation webpage), all faculty and staff at SRC will be made aware of the existence of this fund.  Advisers, Student Success Coaches, and Faculty members will be first line of contact.
  2. Should a student approach an SRC employee with a financial hardship that may be eligible for EHF funds, employee will direct student to the application.  While this will be located online, a paper version will be made available to SRC employees.
  3. Student completes application and includes any relevant documentation for hardship.  While no specific documentation is required, applicants are strongly encouraged to provide written documentation that supports the claim of hardship.  A written recommendation from SRC faculty or staff is also strongly recommended.
  4. Dean of Student Services reviews for any applicable violations of student conduct or academic integrity policies.  Fiscal Officer/Director of Business Services reviews for applicable financial holds.  Qualifying applications will be sent to committee by Foundation Director.
  5. Application is evaluated on a case-by-case basis by committee of SRC Foundation Board of Directors, with final decision rendered within seven (7) days.  Committee will also determine best method of delivery of funds (check to student, gift card, payment of bill, purchase of equipment, etc.).
  6. Granted requests will be delivered within fourteen (14) days of decision rendering.
  7. Applicants whose requests are denied have the ability to appeal case to Dean of Student Services, within seven (7) days of decision.  Dean of Student Services has the ability to re-present case to Foundation Committee with further information/context.  Foundation Committee will reconvene to hear appeal and will have final decision on appeal.

General Provisions of EHF:

  • There is a $500 limit for each request for EHF funds.  The SRC Foundation will consider requests over $500 only if the applicant receives express written consent from the Dean of Student Services.
  • Committee shall consist of three members of SRC Foundation Board (as appointed by the Foundation chair).  Foundation Executive Director and Fiscal Officer will serve as non-voting, ex-officio members of committee.
  • If requests are made and approved by committee prior to fund being established and funded by donors, Fiscal Officer and Executive Director will determine where funds come from based on the request.
  • After the end of the Spring 2020 semester, any single award can be no more than 20% of the total amount of the fund’s balance.
  • To protect student anonymity as best as possible, applications will only be shared with committee and SRC employees with a distinct “need to know.”
  • Application is merely a request for assistance and does not obligate SRC Foundation to award any funds.
  • Application will be evaluated objectively based on need demonstrated and the emergency which caused the need.
  • All financial assistance will be distributed in compliance with SRC’s nondiscrimination policy.

To apply for an EHF grant, click here for the online application.
For a printable application in Word Doc format click here, or click here for PDF.

To donate to the fund today, please click here: Donate Now