Each year, a student election is held at Spoon River College to elect a Student Trustee (term is served April – April of each calendar year). Petitions may be picked up each year beginning February, and voting takes place online in early March.


  • Attend Board of Trustees Meetings on a monthly basis and as needed at other times
  • Update the Board of Trustees on college events and student life activities
  • Represent the student body on the Student Government Association in either Canton or Macomb


  • Gain leadership skills
  • Further the interests and promote the welfare of SRC students
  • Opportunities to attend state student trustee meetings and conferences
  • Receive a one-year stipend toward your tuition and fees for up to 30 credit hours (not to exceed a pre-determined amount for each semester).

2023-2024 Spoon River College Student Trustee

Savannah Smith Coulter

Savannah Smith-Coulter

Educational Background and Future Plans:

Savannah Smith-Coulter is a graduate of Brimfield High School and currently resides in Canton. Savannah is a freshman at Spoon River College majoring in biological sciences with plans to transfer and pursue her dreams of becoming a veterinarian. After completing the necessary studies, Savannah would love to return to the Canton area to practice veterinary medicine.

Reason for running for Student Trustee:

Savannah stated she is running for SRC student trustee because, “I love our school and look forward to the opportunity to be a positive influence and to get active in SRC campus life!” Savannah wants to work to improve resources for all students.


  • Current member of TRIO Student Support Services
  • Member of the newly formed Gay Straight Alliance Club
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to manage tasks and people
  • Experience in club government
  • Voted Peoria Woman’s Rugby Social Chair
  • Confident in ability to do a great job and improve morale