Mission Statement

The mission of Spoon River College TRIO Student Support Services is to provide our students with academic support and personal guidance in successfully completing a program of study at the college and additional assistance in transitioning to a four-year college or university.

Program Purpose

TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) is a federally funded program designed to help students overcome social, academic, class, and cultural barriers in higher education.

Our program aims to improve the academic success of our students and increase the number of participants graduating and transferring to four year universities.

Spoon River College’s TRIO participants are provided with personalized advising, resources, and additional learning opportunities that enhance their overall college experience and motivate them for success.​​​​​​​​​​​

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TRIO Services

We provide the following services for TRIO students:

Personal and Academic Enrichment Workshops:
Our workshops help students build essential academic skills, learn about personal financial literacy and also develop relevant career and leadership skills.

Professional and Peer Tutors:
Professional tutors in Math and the Sciences offer students both one-on-one and group study opportunities from well-versed professionals that hold degrees from the field of study.  Peer tutors are available for one-on-one and group study opportunities, as well, and are students that have earned a B or better in the course.

Academic, Career and Transfer Advising:
Our TRIO Advisor will help you select classes that will work best for your degree plan and major.  She will also work with you to plan to attend your transfer institution.  TRIO students also have access to career software to help them select a major and career path!

Financial Aid and Scholarship Guidance:
Financial aid can be confusing! TRIO staff is here to help you make sense of it all and help you with finding scholarship opportunities, as well.

Financial Literacy Education
We teach students how to be smart with their money. Whether it is paying for college or setting a budget, TRIO staff have resources and advice to guide our students to be better money managers.

Assistance in Completing the FAFSA
TRIO staff are trained on the FAFSA to best assist our students.  We hold group FAFSA completion events and also individual FAFSA completion appointments.

TRIO Scholarship Program
TRIO offers a scholarship program exclusively for our students!  $5,000 in scholarships are awarded each spring.

Application Fee Waivers to Four-Year Colleges and Universities
Application fees waivers are available upon request for eligible TRIO transfer students, as it is a part of a cost in the transfer process!

Cultural Trips & Campus Visits to Four Year Colleges and Universities
Explore museums, art exhibits and participate in community service projects, as a part of the program.  Visit four year colleges and universities to plan your transfer, as well!  All off campus activities are at no expense to the student.

Textbook Library & Instructional Aides
TRIO students are able to borrow textbooks, graphing calculators and voice recorders while on campus, and during regular business hours.  The TRIO program prides themselves on the extensive textbook library available for our students!

Private Computer Lab
The TRIO lab is an exclusive benefit for TRIO students. It offers a private study space and printing is available.

Applying to TRIO

An application is required for entry into the TRIO program. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Application does not guarantee entry to the program but is based upon eligibility and availability of openings in the program. To complete an application, please complete the online application below. Questions? Stop by the TRIO office on the Canton campus in C131 or the Macomb campus in room 214, or call (309) 833-6030.

Frequently Asked Questions About Joining TRIO:

Can anyone join the program?

Students must be either first-generation, income-eligible and/or have a disability on file with the college. You must complete a TRIO application, meet the required eligibility criteria, and complete an intake interview for consideration of entry to the program.

What is the intake appointment like?

During your intake meeting, you will meet with both our Director and Advisor. They will go over your academic background (high school equivalency, high school diploma and/or any completed college credits), along with your goals, study habits, transfer plans and what program services are of interest to you.

What is the time commitment if I join the TRIO program?

We expect our students to have frequent contact with the program. However, our students are often commuting, holding jobs and some, have families. We have adapted our program to meet the needs of a busy schedule and have many of our services available online, through Canvas and staff are available for appointments by phone. Students are able to pick and choose the services that meet their needs, but, learn more about expectations of the program at their TRIO Orientation session.

Is the program really free?

Yes! There is no cost to the student. We are funded by a federal grant through the Department of Education. Our funding in the 2020-25 grant cycle is $261,888 annually.

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How Do I Qualify for TRIO?

Participants in the TRIO Program must follow these guidelines:

  • Be a United States citizen or permanent resident or a non-citizen, eligible for federal aid.
  • Be enrolled in college credit courses at any SRC campus with the intention of completing a degree or certificate program.

Meet at least one of these criteria below:

  • First-generation college student: neither parent has a four-year college degree.
  • Income-eligible: please consult our office for these federal levels, as they shift annually.
  • Have a documented disability with Spoon River College.