Success Coaching

SRC Student Success Coaches work with students and faculty to provide academic, personal, and technological support. Success Coaches serve as advocates for students, and work to make sure that students are aware of all available services, including both campus and community resources.

Academic Support

Student Success Coaches are trained to assist students with designing academic goals, learning new study strategies, developing a growth mindset, improving time management skills, and much more! Success Coaches work closely with faculty using an Early Alert System to identify students who may be struggling in or outside of the classroom. Success Coaches reach out to these students in an attempt to help them create an action plan for reaching their goals.

Personal Support

Student Success Coaches assist students in accessing both campus and community resources such as food pantries, housing assistance, transportation help, and more. The Learning Resource Centers in Canton and Macomb offer non-perishable food items as well as other household and hygiene products. All SRC students (including online or those visiting the Rushville or Havana sites) can request items from the Student Needs Center by completing the Support Request Form. Items cannot be shipped directly to the student, but can be picked up at a specified campus location. (For more information, visit the Student Needs Center webpage.)

Technology Support

Student Success Coaches work with students to make sure they can navigate all of their accounts at SRC. Success Coaches provide in-person, virtual, or phone tutorials to assist students in learning new technological skills, troubleshooting potential issues, and promoting best practices in an online environment.

Student Success


All students are encouraged to use the free tutoring services available. The Learning Resource Centers offer peer, professional, and online tutoring for almost all available subject areas.

Peer & Professional Tutoring

Our peer tutors are carefully selected students who are faculty recommended and have successfully completed the courses in which they tutor. In addition, all peer tutors are paid Spoon River College employees who complete a series of tutor training requirements to help them learn the best techniques for working with students.

To schedule a tutoring session, students call one of our Learning Resource Centers or login to TracCloud with your username and password. For questions, call the Macomb LRC at (309) 833-6048 or the Canton LRC at (309) 649-6309.

Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring (provided by can be accessed in the left-hand menu of any course site in Canvas. A wide range of subject areas are available for students to either connect live with a tutor or submit a paper for review. Each student is awarded 5 hours per semester, but can request additional hours by contacting a Student Success Coach.

Additional Support

Each SRC Student is registered for the Learning Resource Center course within Canvas. This provides students with 24/7 access to staff contact information, services, and additional support information such as tips for note taking and reading comprehension.