Documentation of Residency

Snapper Villas will provide a copy of the lease and room assignment to Spoon River College.​

Mailing Address

All mail from Spoon River College will be sent to a student’s permanent address on file.  If you prefer to have mail sent to your Snapper Villas address, please make a request to the Admissions Office to update your mailing address.

Statement of Residency

As a student at Spoon River College, I confirm that I will be residing in the Snapper Villas at Spoon River College and have a verifiable interest in establishing permanent residency in the Spoon River College district.

Because of this, I am asking for a waiver of the 30-day residency requirement as specified in the Administrative Rules of the Illinois Community College Board, Section 1501.501 (Residency-General Provisions-May, 2018).

Please complete form below for your Verification of Residency:

Snapper Villas Verification of Residency