A high school diploma is great; but you’ve got bigger plans — like moving out someday — and you’ll need the training and education to reach your goals.

We think Spoon River College is a great place for high school students. We know that you have a lot of options to choose from and that making a decision can be hard. But let us tell you why we think Spoon River College is the right choice for you.

  • You can take college classes ​with us while you’re still in high school and earn high school credit at the same time.
  • Our general education courses transfer to any Illinois public four-year university and many private colleges.
  • By going to Spoon River C​ollege for your first two years, you can live at home, go to school, work, and save a considerable amount over going away to school.
  • Because of our small size, your college experience with us is a personal experience. Our faculty will know you by name; our staff can give you personalized attention; you can get involved and not get lost in the crowd.
  • Maybe you don’t want to go to a four-year school. That’s o.k. Get a two-year associate degree to increase your earning potential or choose from one our career programs and learn the skills you need for the job you’ll love.

After reviewing the helpful resources below, you will be ready to visit our Admissions page and get started on a great future!

Advanced Placement (AP)

The Advanced Placement (AP) program and associated exams are offered in high schools. Students who have participated in the AP program at their high school may be eligible to receive college credit and placement into advanced courses at Spoon River College by demonstrating proficiency in various subject areas. Official advanced placement exam scores must be sent directly from CollegeBoard to the Director of Enrollment Services/Registrar at Spoon River College for evaluation.

Students will be awarded credit as indicated below. In subject areas for which Spoon River College does not have an equivalent course, elective credit may be given for scores of 3 or higher.

For questions regarding the awarding of AP credit at Spoon River College, please contact the Director of Enrollment Services/Registrar at (309) 649-6273.

SubjectAP ScoreSRC CourseCredit Hours Granted
Studio Art-2D3 or HigherART1013
Studio Art-3D3 or HigherART1023
Studio Art-Drawing3 or HigherART1113
Art History3 or HigherART122/ART1233/3
English Language & Composition3 or HigherENG1013
English Literature & Composition3 or HigherENG1013
Microeconomics3 or HigherBUS2503
Macroeconomics3 or HigherBUS2513
European History3 or HigherHIS160/1613/3
Human Geography3 or HigherGEO1003
​Psychology​3 or HigherPSY130​3
U.S. Government & Politics3 or HigherPOL1803
U.S. History3 or HigherHIS260/2613/3
Calculus (AB & BC)3MAT151 w/advanced placement in MAT152*5 *Before credit is awarded, faculty will interview student for specific course credit & placement
Calculus (AB & BC)4 or 5MAT151/152*5/5 *Before credit is awarded, faculty will interview student for specific course credit & placement
Statistics3 or HigherMAT1323
Computer Science Principles3 or HigherCIS1083
Biology3 or HigherBIO1054
Chemistry4 or 5CHE170/1805/5
Environmental Science3 or HigherBIO1403
Physics C: Mechanics3 or HigherPH 1214
Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism3 or HigherPH 1224
Physics 13 or HigherPH 1114
Physics 23 or HigherPH 1124
Spanish Language & Culture3 or HigherSPA201/2024/4