We know that your life is busy. Between your job, family, hobbies and hanging out with friends, trying to fit in a college education just doesn’t seem possible! At Spoon River College, you can mix and match the following course delivery and scheduling options to create the course schedule that fits your learning preferences to complete your program of study.

Course Scheduling Options

16-week courses – a course that runs for one semester

12-week courses – a course that has a delayed start by 4 weeks and continues until the end of the semester

8-week courses – a course that runs half of a semester

3-week course – a course that typically runs in January or August before Spring and Fall semesters begin. We call these “mini-mester” courses.

NOTE: Be sure to check the course’s Begin Date when you are registering.

Course Delivery Options:

Traditional Courses
Traditional Courses are face-to-face courses that meet 1-4 times a week at one of our four Spoon River College locations: Canton, Macomb, Havana or Rushville.

Interactive Video System
Interactive Video System (IVS) Courses are much like traditional, face-to-face courses in that students attend class in a classroom setting, but the instructor will be teaching the class via IVS from either Macomb or Canton. Students registered for one class can be sitting in any of our four SRC locations: Canton, Macomb, Havana or Rushville. The IVS is a two-way video and audio system so students can see and hear the instructor and the instructor can see and hear students at each location.

Hybrid Courses are a blend of face-to-face instruction with online learning. In a hybrid course, about half (50%) of the coursework is completed online through SRC Online. As a result, the amount of face-to-face classroom time is reduced. For example, a 3-hour course that typically meets twice a week face-to-face would only meet once a week in class and then complete activities such as assignments and discussion online.

Online Courses are taken via the Internet. Online courses are not an individual, self-study type of course. Students will interact with the instructor and each other through e-mail, group work, and discussion forums. Spoon River College has more than 30 online credit courses available. These courses will provide credit that can lead to an Associate in Arts and Science and they also transfer to many four-year colleges and universities. It is a misconception that online classes are a breeze. The amount of work for the course is no different than a face-to-face course and the learning goals are the same. Students must complete the work on their own and this requires self-motivation and organization.

HyFlex Courses are a combination of “hybrid” and “flexible” and are different than a traditional hybrid course as described above. The key to HyFlex courses is student choice. Students choose in what format they attend class and can switch formats each week given learning preference and schedule. A HyFlex course may include a combination of 2-3 of the below formats:

  • Classroom (face-to-face on campus)
  • Online synchronous (live interactive video using a web cam and microphone)
  • Online asynchronous (completing work online independently and outside of classroom time)

Online Course Exchange
Online Course Exchange (OCE) is an agreement that Spoon River College has with Illinois Community Colleges Online (ILCCO), which is an organization of several other accredited community colleges within Illinois that offer online learning. If you would like to take a specific course online and Spoon River College does not offer it, ask your advisor to search the ICE course listings to see if the course is available at a partnering institution.


Next Steps

  • For a listing of online, hybrid, or IVS courses being offered during a specific semester, go to My SRC and click on “Course Search”​
  • For information on how to enroll at Spoon River College, go to the Admission Process page.
  • If you would like more information regarding any of the course delivery options listed here or online courses, call 1-800-DEGREES and ask to speak to an advisor.​