Goal set at 200 gifts by midnight Dec. 1; all donors to receive access to SRC Community Chorus virtual holiday concert

Though seemingly no one has been entirely spared from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, Spoon River College students are being hit exceptionally hard from the pandemic’s financial impacts.

That’s a point that SRC Foundation Director Colin Davis wants to make sure is known.

“We launched our new Emergency Hardship Fund in the spring as a way to help SRC students remain enrolled in classes and on track,” Davis said.  “And we’ve received dozens upon dozens of requests for those funds from students who have lost their jobs, had extra medical expenses, or have needed access to more technology to complete coursework remotely while remaining at home with their kids.  Frankly, the need among our student body is as great as it’s ever been.”

But there’s another point Davis wants to make sure is known – that you can help.

And the opportunity is quickly approaching.

#GivingSPOONday, SRC’s version of Giving Tuesday, the worldwide day of giving that kicks off the holiday season, is Tuesday, Dec. 1.

“Giving Tuesday is the charitable organization’s response to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and #GivingSPOONday offers a fun way to “snap” into the season of giving,” said Davis.  “It’s a crowdfunding idea that we hope will not only bring new donors to the Foundation, but also more awareness to more people about the mission of the SRC Foundation and the many ways it supports the college, its students, its staff, and our communities.”

The SRC Foundation has set a goal of 200 separate gifts to be raised in the campaign, which ends at 11:59 p.m. Dec. 1. The campaign promotes giving online at www.src.edu/givingtuesday, but cash or check donations are gladly accepted, too.

“Any gift, whether $1 or $1,000, counts toward our goal, and donors can choose how they want the funds to be used,” Davis said.  “But all gifts, no matter the size or how they are used, help break down the barriers that stand between our students and completing their educational goals at SRC. Gifts to the area of greatest need are especially appreciated, because they help the Foundation more quickly address student needs at SRC.  Greatest needs gifts enabled us to establish the Emergency Hardship Fund and purchase laptops for SRC students last spring.”

As an added bonus, all donors to #GivingSPOONday will receive exclusive access to the SRC Community Chorus’ production of Home for the Holidays: Virtually Unplugged, a virtual concert of winter and holiday performances created by over 70 members of the Chorus.

“The SRC Community Chorus, which is celebrating its 15th year and raises money for SRC student scholarships, normally would be gearing up for its holiday concert right now,” said Davis.  “But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, that concert is unable to happen.  However, both the Chorus and the Foundation felt that providing holiday cheer is more important than ever this year, so we’re bringing it to them in the safety of their homes.”

The #GivingSPOONday campaign will be conducted through direct mail, peer-to-peer methods, online marketing and social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and email.  In addition, many local businesses and organizations get involved by sharing #GivingSPOONday posts on their social media pages, or by asking their customers to give to the campaign, including Hy-Vee in Canton and Macomb asking their customers to “round up” their purchases, with the proceeds benefitting the campaign.

“Many Spoon River College students, employees, and friends will be sharing our campaign via email and on their social media pages. If those that they share with also share, we have the potential to reach thousands of people,” said Davis.  “Our goal is lofty, but reachable.  Every time we’ve bet on the generosity of our communities, we’ve been rewarded.  We hope that this time is no different.”

To learn how you can get involved, visit www.src.edu/givingtuesday, visit the Spoon River College Foundation Facebook page (www.facebook.com/spoonrivercollegefoundation), or call (309) 649-6395.