Seasoned veterans and emerging young performing artists meet their ultimate challenge when the SRC Community Chorus presents 48 HOURS: A MUSICAL REVUE on Sunday, July 23 at 7:00 p.m. in the SRC Theatre.  The theatre is located on the second floor of Taylor Hall on the SRC Canton Campus.

Tickets may be purchased online at or by calling (309) 649-6260 Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

“I don’t know of any other theatre troupe that has attempted this,” says Carol Davis, artistic director.  “On Friday evening, performers will audition with the memorized songs they hope to have included in the production.  Following the auditions, Tony Roberts, Denise Adams, and I will decide which songs make the show and determine the order.  Then we put the entire show together, including production tech, on Saturday.  It’s a wild, fun, and exciting concept, but I know our people are up to the task.”

The show includes three full ensemble Broadway numbers chosen in advance.  Performers will appear in a minimum of four musical numbers and maybe more.  All songs, which come from a variety of Broadway musicals, will be a surprise to the audience.

Performers include John L. Davis, Corrinna Markland Pickel, Chad Murphy, Sara Mathis, Mike Varnes, Aja Lawson, Trygve Meade, Katie McLuckie, Haiden Lee, Lauren Avery, Lee Wenger, Carla Bobell, Bob Juraco, Lindsey Larson, Bruce Beal, Carol Davis, Clay Klinedinst, and Christopher Adams-Wenger. Tony Roberts, Denise Adams, Christopher Adams-Wenger, and Pam Willison make up the 48 Hours Band.

The production team consists of Hannah Zimmerman, Sydney Munson, Carol Kohler, Denise Kirgan, Robin Henry, Greg Pollitt, Drake Depperman, Katey Davis, Janet Munson, and Cecily Burnham Pearson.

“Our Sunday matinee sold out quickly, but tickets do remain for the 7:00 p.m. show,” says Davis.  “We encourage everyone to purchase their tickets online as soon as possible.”

The SRC Community Chorus, founded in 2005, is a fundraising arm of the SRC Foundation.  It’s mission is to provide quality entertainment using local talent and to raise funds for SRC Scholarships.  For more information about the chorus, visit

Photo:  A previous musical revue production; credit Dave Barbknecht/Stilled Moments Photography