​Every year Spoon River College honors three current faculty members (two full-time, one part-time) who have displayed excellence in the teaching profession by awarding them with the H. Truman Standard Award, and the Illinois Community College Trustees Association Outstanding Full-Time and Part-Time awards.

Any citizen of the college district, including current and former students, is encouraged to submit a nomination for the teacher they feel deserves special recognition. The nominations will then be used to select the recipients.

The nominations must be received by February 25, 2022, and any nominations received after the deadline will be applied to the following year’s nomination pool.

Faculty members may only be given the H. Truman Standard Award once in a seven-year period. Faculty who are not eligible this year are Laura Bandy, Dr. Andrew Kirk, Becky Leverette, Michael Maher, Beth Van Tine, and Krista Winters. However, these faculty may still be nominated and considered for the ICCTA Outstanding Faculty Award.

The names of eligible full-time faculty and the nomination form are available at https://www.src.edu/academics/Pages/faculty-awards.aspx or by clicking on the Faculty Award link located under the Academics tab at www.src.edu.

The awards will be presented during the college’s commencement, which is currently planned for May 12, 2022.