How to use the classroom

Step One: Sign On

To get started, login to Canvas and access one of your courses. In the left menu, click on ‘Online Tutoring’.

Step Two: Choose Your Subject

Simply click on a topic and select the course you need help with. For example, if you need help with an algebra problem, select “Math” and then your specific course.

Step Three: Enter Your Question or Assignment

In the pre-session questionnaire, you’ll answer a few quick questions so we can connect you with the tutor best suited for your level and needs. To maximize your session time, we suggest  preparing in advance— have a question ready to go! Your tutor can review a concept from class, go over homework problems, or help with your writing assignment.

Screenshot of "What do you need help with today?" window, with example selections for Topic, Subject, Enter your Question, and Choose File button. (Allowed file types are: bmp, doc, docx, gif. htm, html, jpg, jpeg, pdf, png,ppt, pptx, rtf, txt, xls, xlsx, accdb, mdb. With a Connect now button.

Step Four: Connect with Voice Chat

At the beginning of each session you will be automatically prompted to choose your audio device. Your device’s internal microphone is selected by default, but you can change which  device you want to use or even disable your microphone in favor of text chat. All audio from a voice chat is recorded and can be played back after a session.

Screenshot of connection settings popup window, with Devices settings, including Disable Microphone, Microphone Array (Realtek High Definitions Audio), and microphone (HD Webcam C310; and the text "Click 'confirm devices' to confirm your selection, then click 'Unmute' in the toolbar to begin sharing. With a Confirm Devices button below.

Step Five: Work with a Tutor

When you enter the classroom, you’ll see a chat window at the far right next to your digital workspace. Use text chat with your tutor if you prefer not to use voice. You may also choose the type of workspace you want to use from the top navigation menu. Choices include a whiteboard, text editor, code editor, graphing calculator, and screen sharing. Ask your tutor for a quick tour!

Step Six: Screen Share Your Assignment

Select Screen Sharing from the Workspaces menu to share your screen or an application window with your tutor. This is helpful for collaborating in real time on things such as Google Docs or viewing online assignments or resources together.

Screenshot of the workspace window, showing a screen share of a text document in the main window area, a video image of the tutor in the upper right of the screen, and chat messages below.


Step Seven: Submit a Paper for Review

Short on time? Drop your paper off for a tutor to review and leave feedback. Simply click on the Submit an Essay tab on your account sidebar, fill out a few questions, and send your essay in. We will return it to you with a completed feed- back form—check your Previous Sessions page under My Account within 24 hours.

Step Eight: Access Personalized Features

Your account is your own personalized learning environment. Save your favorite tutors, retrieve archived sessions and essay reviews, and store documents in a digital file  locker. You can access these features any time—this will not count against your allotted tutoring time.

Step Nine: Share Feedback & Save a Session

Your feedback is very important. After each session, please fill out the post-session survey and provide feedback about your experience. We’d like to know how the tutor helped, what you think of the online classroom, and anything else you’d like to tell us. You can also save, replay, email, and print a transcript of your session.