Students for Environmental Action (SEA) is an organization made up of and ran by students who not only promote the education about environmental sustainability in our community, but also act on it through setting up programs, fund raising, and education.

Canton Campus activities include:

  • Earth Day Celebration and Tree Planting in the month of April.
  • Fall/Spring Campus Clean-Ups that beautify the campus for all staff and students to enjoy.
  • Field trips to sustainability conferences, museums, and recycling facilities to learn new ways of reducing consumption and recycling more materials.
  • Highlight Room display annually to bring attention to energy conservation, and informs students about our unique eco-system in central Illinois, places to visit locally, and plants and animals native to the area.
  • Fundraising to support our organization and its causes. Some activities in the past have included sale of reusable shopping bags and mugs.
  • Regular meetings to exchange ideas and plan for future events.

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