Spoon River College is making plans to present a virtual ceremony for Fall 2020, Spring 2021, and Summer 2021 graduates.

Additionally, the college will survey graduating students to gauge interest in a walk-through ceremony involving many of the traditional elements of a Spoon River College commencement. The walk-through ceremony would likely be scheduled during the week of May 10th and would be offered in a way to ensure graduates are divided into different time frames, eliminating large numbers of people gathering in one room together. The goal would be to give graduates the opportunity to walk across a stage wearing their caps and gowns, be handed their diploma covers, and receive well-deserved recognition with family members present.

“Current state regulations limit gatherings to 50 people,” said Curt Oldfield, President of Spoon River College. “Unfortunately, it’s impossible to predict factors such as infection and vaccination rates, to meet the metrics needed to reach Governor Pritzker’s Bridge to Phase 5, or complete the metrics to move into Phase 5. With all this in mind, we have chosen to host a virtual ceremony.”

In order to participate in the virtual ceremony, graduates may submit a photo by email. They can choose to wear everyday clothing, dressy attire, or a traditional cap, gown, and tassel in the photo. A video will be created using the photos along with each graduate’s degree and/or certification information. Photos should be submitted by April 26 to gradvideo@src.edu. The virtual ceremony will be available on the Spoon River College YouTube page on Friday, May 14 at 6:00 pm.

“As we’ve seen over the past year, uncertainty is one of the challenges caused by COVID-19,” said Oldfield. “We know our graduates would like to know the format of commencement early so they have as much time as possible to plan with their families.”

Additional information and updates are available at: https://www.src.edu/virtualcommencement