Spoon River College inducted a total of 83 new members into its Nu Delta Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society, and offered three socially distanced ceremonies for those who wanted to participate in a traditional ceremony. While a full induction ceremony was not possible, the inductees were able to be recognized and sign the membership book. They also lit the traditional candle that represents a torch—symbolic of knowledge—and received a white flower typifying purity and beauty of light, and signifying new intellectual association.

In addition, Travaughn Miller, Devon Simpson, Madison Draughan, and Aja Lawson were recognized for being named to the Phi Theta Kappa All-Illinois Academic Team, chosen on the basis of academic achievement, volunteer work, campus activities, honors, and awards. Simpson was also recognized for being selected as a 2021 New Century Workforce Scholar.

The new inductees were:

Abingdon: Todd R. Thompson

Bryant: Emily S. Wise

Bushnell: Rosalia M. Lentini

Canton: Breanna K. Amerine, Jacob C. Barnard, Anthony A. Becker, Skyler Burgard, Destiny S. Evans, Grace E. Mayall, Allison R. Mortland, Michelle M. Murphy, Bailey Norton, Sophie Oaks, Anna K. O’Brien, Brenen P. Seward, Claire Wheelwright, Debra Bordwine, Maggie A. Eveland, Faith M. Haley, Ashley J. Harper, Brandon R. McGraw, Sydney Munson, Lauren E. Oldfield, Samantha R. Strode, Nathan A. Williams, Karsyn M. Woerly, and Lukas D. Zumstein

Chillicothe: Jansan L. Davis

Cuba: Hannah N. Burdess, Graci M. Scharping

Farmington: Kurstin N. Bohanan, Keith H. Ifft, Jill R. Ifft, Meredith K. Stufflebeam

Fiatt: Alonza W. Bradley

Groveland: Meghan N. Lynch

Havana: McKenna R. Bleem, Jacob A. Haarman, Olivia F. Herbst, Krista R. Koke, Kaleb J. Layton, Matthew A. Schaad, Taylor Stockham, Colin D. Sullivan, Harrison J. Allen-Witt, Tyler S. Fornoff, Ellie Roat, Gage K. Shawgo, Tory R. Wickman

Industry: Jaylen L. Lyttaker

Joliet: Dean C. Procarione

Kilbourne: Kristen Nall

Lewistown: Maddison M. Brown, Isabella J. Clary, Lydia Cripe, Tysin E. Stone, Kruze D. Chasteen

Macomb: Emma J. Gilliland, Gretta Nolan, Misty A. Peyer, Breanna L. Rhoads, Tessa J. Sargeant, Luke S. Silberer, Casey L. Sutton, William F. Uppinghouse, Trenton R. Ford, Jordan R. Graham, Grace A. Stufflebeam, Shuai Zhao

Marietta: Renda S. Milleson

New Holland: Mark E. Maaks

Orleans, IN: Sydney L. Owens

Plymouth: Audrey R. Shelor, Wesley J. Shelor

Rushville: Ashley N. Bollinger, Henry N. Mordiva, Sabrina R. Vining

Smithfield: Rachel M. Slater

Springfield: Kira E. Brown

VeronaFO: Giulia Cianfriglia

Washington: Zachary A. Wheat

Spoon River College faculty Rebecca Werland and Shelli Stuart are advisors for the Nu Delta Chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.

Phi Theta Kappa is the largest internationally recognized honor society for two-year colleges.  Their mission is to recognize academic achievement, promote individual growth and development, and provide opportunities through participation for leadership, service, and continuing scholarship. To be eligible, students must complete a minimum of twelve hours of transferable course work and earn a cumulative GPA of 3.25.

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