Congratulations to Ryne Crum, for being the Student Shout-Out Award recipient for the spring semester. He excels in the classroom as well as on the baseball field. He was nominated by Laura Bandy (English faculty), who had this to say about him.

“He has perfect attendance, completes all assignments at a high level and on time, and always participates thoughtfully and knowledgably in class discussion—a teacher’s dream. Most importantly, he shows caring, respect, and integrity to his fellow students in the classroom by being consistently collaborative, respectful, and caring with everyone.

Whenever we have in-class small group work, Ryne takes the lead in his groups, but never in a forceful or overbearing way. Instead, he is always prepared and will direct productive discussion and written work with his classmates, helping them if they have questions and encouraging them to come up with their own responses for assignments. He is a team player, in the classroom and on the baseball field—I don’t know anyone who doesn’t think highly of Ryne Crum. His profile essay of The Church (where he lives with other athletes) was so strong and interesting, they hung it up on the bulletin board there, so everyone could enjoy it! 🙂  I shout him out with gratitude and delight at having him as a student.”

Ryne, who received a $100 Visa Gift Card from President Oldfield, is a Springfield High School graduate and plans to pursue a career in civil engineering.

President Oldfield presents student Ryne Crum with a $100 Visa gift card for being named a Student Shout-Out Award recipient. A graphic with an image of Ryne Crum that says Single Season RBI Record, Ryne Crum, 57 RBIs.