Spoon River College welcomes Becky Sherwood as the Director of Nursing for their nursing program. She was previously a member of the nursing faculty for five years prior to the pandemic.

Sherwood started her education at Spoon River College, receiving her Associate in Applied Science degree in 1994. She then attended Graham Hospital School of Nursing and earned her nursing diploma in 1998. Her nursing career has been primarily in surgical and emergency nursing and has included management experience. In 2009, Sherwood furthered her nursing education, earning a Bachelor’s equivalency and then her Master’s Degree in Nursing with a specialization in Education.

“I am thrilled to be back at Spoon River College and look forward to teaching and working with students again. I love witnessing a student’s ‘aha!’ moment,” said Sherwood, who said she was inspired to be a nurse by her mother’s teachings of compassion and putting others’ needs first. Sherwood also had a passion for being in the classroom—as a child she played teacher, using her stuffed animals as students and her stickers for grading their homework.

Sherwood resides in Canton with her husband Darren and their animal family.