The Adult Education programs at Spoon River College include GED and Literacy, English as a Second Language (ESL), and the Adult Volunteer Literacy Program. All three rely on volunteer tutors to help the students succeed.

Cyndi Johnston, coordinator of the adult education programs at Spoon River College, is currently seeking those willing to be volunteer tutors for students in these programs. “I always stress that no special education or degree is required,” said Johnston. “Our volunteers are a diverse group of all ages and backgrounds.”

What is needed, Johnston said, is compassion and a desire to help others. “Training is provided, the hours are flexible, and the reward is the gratitude of our students and their joy when they succeed.”

Classes are at varying times on all campuses, and tutoring can be done in-person or remotely. “Volunteers are a vital part of the success of our students and our programs. Every year I panic that I won’t be able to find enough volunteers, and every year I’m grateful that willing people come forward.”

For more information about being a volunteer tutor, contact Johnston at (309) 833-6038 or email

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