Spoon River College congratulates the following part-time students who were named to the Dean’s List in recognition of their academic achievement in completing at least 12 credit hours of college-level courses at SRC and who were enrolled in six to eleven credit hours and earned a GPA of 3.0 − 3.5 during the Spring 2022 semester. Please note that students who have a privacy hold on their records will not be listed.

Astoria: Molly r. Westlake

Avon: Holly J. Mason

Banner: Alexis J. Williams

Bushnell: Jamie S. Edwards

Canton: April L. Davidson, Austin J. Dornberger, Kaitlyn M. Driskell, Sada Eveland, Ashley D. Groves, Jace W. Gudzinskas, Caely E. Guthrie, Sylvia R. Hecox, Cristian I. Hernandez, Logan J. Howell, Taylor K. Marshall, Micale B. Mee, Nicholas T. Oldfield, Aaron M. Olson, Ethan M. Phillips, MacKenzie L. Rhoads I, Ethan B. Rice, Roxanne R. Richardson, Kianna M. Schultz, Alexander C. Sivertsen, Jeremy A. Skinner, Serena S. Smith, Kristen D. Strubbe, Ashlyn C. Ward, Darren L. Woods, Ashlyn R. Zedric

Cuba: Kaleb M. Bailey, Sara Gilpin, Michael E. Kennedy, Lacy C. Oaks, Addyson N. Williams,

Dunfermline: Rebecca S. Reyes

East Peoria: Collin A. Suddeth

Fairview: Levi M. Harper, Mason W. Tessier

Farmington: Joah T. Breese

Galesburg: Matthew R. Cox

Havana: Tiffiny M. Ranes, Shiloh Santanna

Preston R. Horwedel, Mackenzie M. Hutton, Dwight D. Sheets

Liverpool: Taylor J. Bastian

Mackinaw: Brianna L. Grabowski I

Macomb: Karlye J. Allen, Kiley J. Daniels, Nick S. Fitzjarrald, Victor A. Gast, Desmond M. Graves, Caitlyn R. Grove, Jack Hamer, Brianna N. Hilvety, Aidan Jenkins, Grant M. Kilburn, Rachel Langworthy, Angela J. Locke-Bowen, Emilio A. Mansfield, Jack L. Mansfield, Michael F. Mitchell, Benjamin E. Rericha

Mt. Sterling: Andrew A. Huges

Rushville: Rainee D. Taber, Sabrina R. Vining

Springfield: Kira E. Brown,

Tinley Park: Mark T. Garcia Jr.

Vermont: Kaitlyn N. Richey