For the upcoming 2019-2020 season, the Theatre Department at Spoon River College and the SRC Community Chorus are joining together to offer theatre patrons a subscription series featuring productions from both groups.

The series offers a total of five shows for the single price of $40. This is a twenty percent discount over purchasing individual tickets for each show.

Two of the productions in the series are presented by the Theatre Department at Spoon River College. SRC Theatre features the work primarily of student actors and crew members, though starting this season, participation will be open to any resident of the SRC district. The shows are “Scapin the Schemer,” a comedy running in November, and “An Iliad,” a drama based on the epic poem by Homer, running in late February and March.

The other three shows are presented by the SRC Community Chorus, an arm of the Spoon River College Foundation. The Community Chorus presents a combination of musical programs and staged plays, featuring a large mix of talents from around the SRC district. Community Chorus shows in the 2019-2020 season are “Frosty Airs & Fables,” a holiday-themed program in December, local musician Barry Cloyd’s “Burl Ives, Midwestern Minstrel” in February, and “From Broadway to L.A.,” a musical revue running in June.

Carol Davis, who directs the SRC Community Chorus, says that the subscription series is a natural evolution in the relationship between the two entities. “We have long enjoyed an overlap between groups, both in our audiences and in participants, as many SRC Theatre students have taken part in Community Chorus productions,” Davis said. “It just felt like the right time to make the relationship more official.”

SRC Theatre Program Director Douglas Okey agrees. “Carol and I talked about joint endeavors, and this partnership grew out of those discussions,” Okey said. “With this discounted subscription program, it feels like everyone wins—including our patrons.”

Four of the season’s shows will be presented in the Taylor Hall Theatre on the SRC Canton Campus. December’s “Frosty Airs & Fables” runs at the First Christian Church in Canton.

Subscriptions can be purchased by calling the SRC Foundation at (309)649-6260. The series discount will be available through the end of the run of “Scapin the Schemer” in November.

SRC Community Chorus