​Spoon River College recently held an Employee Appreciation dinner on the Canton campus to recognize employees for their years of service and those retiring, and to present faculty awards.

Honored for five years were Abby Beck (TRIO advisor), Charlie Cox (Financial Aid Coordinator), and Nikki Rittenhouse (Financial Aid Specialist).

Honored for ten years were Aaron Mayall (DPST faculty), Curt Oldfield (SRC President), Shelli Stuart (Math faculty) Beth VanTine (Education faculty), and Krista Winters (Biology faculty).

Honored for 15 years were Natalie Orwig (Adult Education Sr. Office Assistant) and Sally Shields (Public Information Coordinator).

Honored for 20 years were Brandi Ketcham (Academic Advisor) and Janet Munson (Enrollment Services Director).

Honored for 25 years were Cynthia Johnston (Adult Education Program Coordinator), Chad Murphy (Adult Education Director), and Missy Wilkinson (Dean of Student Services).

Retirees honored were Peggy Roth (Financial Aid Coordinator) and faculty members Jeff Bash (Agriculture), Angie Conklin (Reading), Mark Coulter (Welding), and Barb Strauch (Nursing).

In addition, Dr. Win Htwe (Physical Science) was recognized as the 2022 recipient of the H. Truman Standard Award for teaching excellence. Bridgett Loftus (Chemistry) was recognized as the 2022 nominee for the ICCTA Outstanding Full-Time Faculty award, and Dean Clary (IT) was recognized as the nominee for the 2022 ICCTA Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Award.

Spoon River College Honors Employees and Retirees

Pictured are (front l-r) Beth VanTine, Mark Coulter, Angie Conklin, Missy Wilkinson, Shelli Stuart; (middle) Janet Munson, Charlie Cox, Sally Shields; (back) Peggy Roth, Nikki Rittenhouse, Cyndi Johnston, Natalie Orwig, Dr. Win Htwe, Dean Clary, and Curt Oldfield.