Spoon River College congratulates the following individuals who completed degrees and/or certificates during the Fall 2021 semester at Spoon River College.

Abingdon: Brian L. Wingo, Associate in Arts degree

Astoria: Noah Gorsuch, Associate in Applied Science/Agricultural Business Management; Zachary Skiles, Welding Operator certificate

Bath: Gabrielle Carlock, Associate in Arts degree

Bryant: Madalynn Whewell, Nursing Assistant certificate

Bushnell: Sarah A. Hood, Associate in Arts degree, Tamera K. Klinedinst, Associate in Arts degree, Rosalia Lentini, Associate in Arts degree, Miah Zarello, Associate in Arts degree

Canton: Hunter Alig, Associate in Arts degree, Kyle Bates, Welding Operator certificate; Jace Vincent Dawson, Welding Operator certificate; Logan Howell, Welding Operator certificate; Kimberly Johnson, Nursing Assistant certificate; Harvey Johnson III, Associate in General Studies; Grace Mayall, Associate in Science degree, Brandon McGraw, Computer Information Technology, Cyber Security and Enterprise Computer Network Specialist certificates; Cinda L. Miller, Nursing Assistant certificate; Marie Newhalfen, Nursing Assistant certificate; Lauren Elizabeth Oldfield, Associate in Arts degree; Lydia G. Painter, Associate in Arts degree; Ella Rogers, Associate in Arts degree; Kelsey M. Trainer, Associate in Arts degree;  Nathan A. Williams, Associate in Arts degree; Haley D. Woodcock, Associate in Science degree

Colchester: Joseph M. Kotraba, Associate in Applied Science/Computer Information Systems degree, Computer Information Technology, Cyber Security, Enterprise Computer Network Specialist, and Server Administrator certificates

Cuba: Tyler A. Hensley, Welding Operator certificate; Alex Oller, Associate in Science degree

Danville: Marcus Blurton, Associate in General Studies degree, Emma Bogen, Associate in Arts degree

Dunfermline: Katherine Lynn Reneau, Associate in Arts degree

Fairview: Luke Allen Stuckey, Associate in Arts degree

Farmington: Dash Anderson, Associate in Arts degree; Joah Breese, Welding Operator certificate; Colby Evans, Associate in Applied Science/Agricultural Business Management degree

Galesburg: Matthew Cox, Computer Information Technology and Enterprise Computer Network Specialist certificates; Michelle Jones, Nursing Assistant certificate

Havana: Nathaniel C. Armstrong, Basic Commercial Driver Training certificate; Kaleb J. Layton, Associate in Arts degree

Ipava: Audry E. Branson, Associate in General Studies degree; Cole Eldon Lannery, Associate in Arts degree; Kaylee Dodge, Nursing Assistant certificate; Anabelle Pratt, Emergency Medical Technician certificate

Kenosha, WI: Anthony Elijah Gates, Jr., Associate in Science degree

Lewistown: Jeremy Scott Brannan, Associate in General Studies degree; Michael Hibser, Basic Commercial Driver Training and Welding Operator certificates; Jainee Marie Sours, Associate in Science degree, Caitlin Thrasher, Associate in General Studies degree; Maddison Brown, Medical Transcription certificate

Macomb: Michael Gibson, Basic Commercial Driver Training certificate; Casey Lee Sutton, Associate in Arts degree; Racquel Wilson, Associate in Arts degree; Hayley M. Wright, Associate in Arts degree; Chandler Lemons, Emergency Medical Technician, Kaitlyn Geltmacher, Medical Transcription certificate; Aloycius Johnson, Welding Operator certificate; Victoria Morrell, Medical Assistant certificate; Caleb Norton, Welding Operator certificate; Gabriel O’Brien, Welding Operator certificate

Maquon: Caleb Mason, Welding Operator certificate; Cameron Schulthes, Commercial Driver Training certificate

Marietta: Renda Milleson, Medical Assistant and Medical Coding certificates

Pekin: Ryan Albright, Emergency Medical Technician certificate

Peoria: Miranda Adriana Alvarez, Associate in Arts degree;

Petersburg: Colton Lawrence, Emergency Medical Technician certificate

Roseville: Sean McIntyre, Server Administration certificate

Rushville: Michael E. Hillyer, Associate in General Studies degree; Joseph W. Phillips, Associate in Arts degree; Daniel Austin Ray, Associate in Arts degree; Henry Mordiva, Computer and Network Technician, Computer Information Technology, Enterprise Computer Network Specialist, and Server Administrator certificates; Tyler Trone, Welding Operator certificate

Smithfield: Peter H. Howerter, Computer and Network Technician, Cyber Security, and Enterprise Computer Network Specialist certificates

St. Charles: Ryan Kampen, Emergency Medical Technician certificate

St. Louis, MO: Timothy Lee Reynolds, Jr., Associate in Science degree

Table Grove: Carson Huber, Emergency Medical Technician certificate

Vermont: Kaitlyn Richey, Nursing Assistant certificate; Chloe Cracraft, Medical Transcription certificate