With the rising cost of gasoline, goods, services, and cost of living, financial need among SRC students has never been greater.

That’s a point that Spoon River College Foundation Director Colin Davis wants to make sure is known.

“Nationwide, nearly 80 percent of community college students work to support their education, and still, at SRC, nearly 90 percent of our first-time, full-time students receive financial aid,” said Davis.  “Half of SRC students who responded to a survey indicated they had experienced food insecurity.

“We know that the next generation of leaders is here at SRC and ready to rise to the top, but how can you rise if you’re fighting and scrapping just to tread water?”

But there’s another point Davis wants to make sure is known – that YOU can help SRC students rise.

And the opportunity is quickly approaching.

#GivingSPOONday, SRC’s version of Giving Tuesday, the worldwide day of giving that kicks off the holiday season, is Tuesday, Nov. 28.

“Giving Tuesday is like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but instead of getting things, you give things,” said Davis.  “Not only does it help to raise funds to help local students rise, it also brings more awareness about the SRC Foundation and the ways it supports SRC, its students and staff, and our communities.”

The SRC Foundation has set a goal of 300 separate gifts to be raised in the campaign, which ends at 11:59 p.m. Nov. 28. The campaign promotes giving online at www.src.edu/givingtuesday, but cash or check donations are gladly accepted, too.

“The best thing about #GivingSPOONday is that every gift counts toward our goal, so it doesn’t matter how much you give,” Davis said.  “Even if you can only give a dollar, that dollar can purchase a meal or snack for a student who is facing food insecurity.”

To the SRC Foundation and to local students, this campaign matters.  Donations to #GivingSPOONday in previous years have kept over 100 students from potentially having to drop out of college and helped the SRC Foundation nearly double what it offers in scholarships annually from even a few years ago.

The #GivingSPOONday campaign will be conducted through direct mail, peer-to-peer methods, online marketing and social media, and email.  In addition, many local businesses and organizations get involved by sharing #GivingSPOONday posts on their social media.

“Many Spoon River College students, employees, and friends will be sharing our campaign via email and on their social media pages. If those that they share with also share, we have the potential to reach thousands of people,” said Davis.

“Because this is our biggest fundraiser of the year, it’s vital to student success, and we can’t fall short.  Our goal is lofty, but reachable.  Every time we’ve bet on the generosity of our communities, we’ve been rewarded.  We hope that this time is no different.”

To make your gift or to learn how you can get involved, visit www.src.edu/givingtuesday, visit the Spoon River College Foundation Facebook page (www.facebook.com/spoonrivercollegefoundation), or call (309) 649-6395.