Spoon River College congratulates the following part-time students who were named to the Dean’s List in recognition of their academic achievement in completing at least 12 credit hours of college level courses at SRC and who were enrolled in six to eleven credit hours and earned a GPA of 3.0 − 3.5 during the Fall 2020 semester.

Astoria: Tiffany A. Harn

Banner: Katy L. Anderson

Bath: Madison A. Pherigo

Browning: Kaytlin S. Schieber

Bushnell: Jamie S. Edwards

Camden: Andrea S. Brush

Canton: Madison L. Anderson, Jessica R. Brown, Caleb S. Collier, Alexander J. Dornberger, Sylvia R. Hecox, Bradley E. Henseler, Grace C. Owens, Krysten M. Powell, Sienna E. Rader, Ethan B. Rice, Reynalda Roger, Kirsten R. Seeley, Chase B. Wenger I, Ean G. Yerbic

Cuba: Abigail G. Corsaw, Graci M. Scharping

Fairview: Jordan D. Cozart

Glasford: Jessica B. Schabatka

Havana: Jessica L. Briton, Kennedy C. Cleer, Macie L. Froman, Hannah E. Smith

Lewistown: Brayden M. Ferguson, Kerrigan R. Lane, Robert W. Micklus, Kaeli A. Spotloe

Macomb: Moriah C. Adermann, Torie M. Anderson, Sue E. Barr, Harvey T. Bland, Jr., Tricia Burkholder, Jennifer L. Chenoweth, Nicholas G. Dranes, Serenidy L. Howard, Kiley E. Lee, Brooke L. Lounsberry, Andrew J. Lueck, Madison R. McCleery, Gretta Nolan, Alisha A. Stewart, Joshua L. Stinocher, Kinzie M. Taylor, Dana L. Wesley, Daja S. Williams

Rushville: Austin M. Ewing, Brooke McNeely, Jonah W. Phelps, Joseph W. Phillips, Madisyn P. Quinn

Smithfield: Hannah N. Hildenbrand

Springfield: Ethan L. Yaste, Todd M. Porter

Vermont: Leslie A. Kessler