Esports coach Curtis Bump is seeking current or prospective Spoon River College students who are interested in being part of the College’s esports team. Players would compete against other schools in a variety of popular video games.

Game-playing ability is important, although Bump says it’s not the only quality he’s looking for in a player. “I’m also looking for players who have good communication skills and a good attitude. Not everyone gets to be the hero and rack up the points. I need those willing to excel even in what some call the ‘undesirable roles’ that are vital in supporting the team.”

Some scholarship opportunities are available, and esport athletes will be held to the same code of conduct and standards as all other SRC student-athletes, including maintaining good academic standing as well as attending mandatory study sessions to maintain eligibility.

The College launched their esports team in the fall of 2020, joining more than 170 other institutions competing as members of the National Association of Collegiate Esports. A dedicated gaming arena has been created for the team in Lower Centers of the Canton Campus.

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