At VIT High School, Roberts expanded his vocal and instrumental gifts in music. He first learned the trumpet, but when a dentist informed Tony he needed braces, which would interfere with his playing, he switched to the bassoon.

After graduation in 1983, Roberts attended Spoon River College from 1984-85, earning the credits needed to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic.  Rather than moving to a larger city to start his career after graduating in 1989, he returned to Havana and opened his own practice, which has provided chiropractic services to babies, those in their 90s, and all ages in-between for the past 34 years. He and his family also operate Airbnbs around the Havana area.

Roberts is also recognized in equestrian circles nationwide. After attending several horse competitions around the country, he was asked to examine a horse competing in a 2012 Mustang Million event. Although he had never worked on horses before, this experience led him to enrolling in equine/feline/ canine seminars. He now successfully treats two-legged and four-legged creatures of all types.

Robert contributes to Central Illinois communities by serving on various boards including the SRC Foundation, the Fulton County Playhouse, and currently as Chair of the Fulton County  Rehabilitation Center board and the Vermont Christian Church Board. Roberts is equally known for his extraordinary musical talents and is in high demand. He excels at the piano, taught himself the concert harp, plays the trumpet, and will attempt about any instrument that intrigues him. He’s seen on piano benches in many churches, plays piano, keyboards, and harp for a variety of community, high school, or college events, and directs musical shows for all the major theatre groups in the area. He has been invaluable to the Spoon River College Community Chorus and to Western Illinois University. He even traveled to Haiti to teach music to the children there.