Spoon River College congratulates the following part-time students who were named to the Dean’s List in recognition of their academic achievement in completing at least 12 credit hours of college level courses at SRC and who were enrolled in six to eleven credit hours and earned a GPA of 3.0 − 3.5 during the Fall 2021 semester. Please note that the names of students who have designated a privacy hold will not appear on this list.

Augusta: Sydnee M. George

Canton: Connor J. Atchley, Alice J. Axline, Hannah M. Barclay, Paige M. Collopy, Michael R. Courtney, April L. Davidson, Christina M. Gilmore, Addisyn R. Graves, Ashley D. Groves, Sylvia R. Hecox, Taylor K. Marshall, Brooke L. McBride, Aaron M. Olson, Emma D. Orwig, Ellexi E. Sale, Olivia Spahn, Jacob H. Wilts

Cuba: Collin J. Brooks, Sara Gilpin, Allyson M. Harrold, Allyson M. Harrold

Dunfermline: Rebecca S. Reyes

Farmington: William J. Eddy

Galesburg: Matthew R. Cox

Glasford: Leah N. Reavley

Green Valley: Brittany N. Mackey

Havana: Stephanie J. Bailey, Brant E. Bastien, Aidian R. Bottoms

Industry: Peyton J. Lyons I

Joliet: Dean C. Procarione

Kingfisher, OK: Logan H. Rutledge

Las Vegas, NV: Rachelle A. Bickel

Lewistown: Brook A. Massingale, Shannon R. Stanton

Liverpool: Taylor J. Bastian

Macomb: Thomas Y. Engel, Desmond M. Graves, Kelbie L. Kreps, Melissa Leinard, Madison E. Merritt, William D. Payne, Kylie L. Schoonover, Madeline P. Wells, Dana L. Wesley, Shuai Zhao

Marietta: Mary E. Nolan

Peoria Heights: Mitchell Martin

Rushville: Andrea P. Busby, Reese E. Esther

Springfield: Todd M. Porter

Table Grove: Lance W. Boggs

Vermont: Tiffany J. Hall