Dallas Davis of Macomb is the recipient of the Student Shout-Out for April at Spoon River College.

English faculty member Barbara Ashwood referred to him as a writing teacher’s dream. “While he was a good writer coming into English 101, he is growing into an excellent one due to his willingness to work through multiple drafts, receptiveness to feedback, and sheer tenacity. His contributions to class discussion are reasoned and thoughtful, as are his responses to his classmates’ drafts and online discussion board posts.”

Ashwood also said she was impressed with his “intense kindness and deep reservoir of patience. I have often seen him pause his own work to help his classmates with technical support issues, and he carefully listens to others’ perspectives and responds with empathy and an open mind.”

Davis currently works in the Learning Resource Center on the Macomb Campus through the work-study program and is studying nursing. A dedicated family man, he is married to Tiffany Davis, has a teen-age son, and helps care for his disabled father-in-law.

The Student Shout-Out is an initiative that encourages any faculty or employee to nominate a student who deserves a special shout-out for exhibiting the core values of the college—caring, respect, integrity, fairness and responsibility—or going above and beyond to help others.

Dallas Davis