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SRC Foundation Scholarship Application Deadline is March 15

Spoon River College and the SRC Foundation offer a variety of scholarships to provide financial assistance to students as well as to recognize outstanding performance in academics, athletics, art/theatre, and career and technical interests. The deadline to apply for scholarships for the 2024-25 academic year is March 15, 2024.

Applicants must complete the scholarship application and the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), and submit their most recent transcripts. This process is required for all scholarships, and all steps must be completed by the March 15 deadline. Students receiving other sources of revenue such as Pell Grants or Work Study are still eligible to apply for and receive scholarships.

The scholarships—which may be a permanent named endowed scholarship, a Foundation administered scholarship, an academic performing grant, or a performing skill grant—have differing eligibly requirements. Some may be targeted towards individuals from a specific town or county, a specific career field, or other criteria. Scholarships specifically for nursing students and dual credit students are also available.

Once the paperwork is submitted, applicants will be considered for all available scholarships they are eligible for, and in some cases could receive multiple awards. Applicants will be notified of their status either way by the end of April.

Students seeking to apply for the Graham Health System Scholarship for the Advancement of Rural Healthcare should visit

Too view all scholarships and to apply, visit For more information, contact Lori Murphy at or any Spoon River College advisor at (309) 647-4645.

Spoon River College Seeking Nominations for Faculty Awards – Deadline February 23

Every year Spoon River College honors three current faculty members (two full-time, one part-time) who have displayed excellence in the teaching profession by awarding them with the H. Truman Standard Award, and the Illinois Community College Trustees Association Outstanding Full-Time and Part-Time awards.

All citizens of the college district, including current and former students, are encouraged to submit a nomination for the teacher they feel deserves special recognition. The nominations will then be used to select the recipients.

The nominations must be received by February 23, 2024, and any nominations received after the deadline will be applied to the following year’s nomination pool.

Faculty members may only be given the H. Truman Standard Award once in a seven-year period. Faculty who are not eligible this year are Laura Bandy, Dr. Win Htwe, Dr. Andrew Kirk, Becky Leverette, Sarah Strode, and Beth VanTine. However, these faculty may still be nominated and considered for the ICCTA Outstanding Full-Time Faculty Award.

The names of eligible full-time faculty and the nomination forms are available by clicking on the links below.

Truman Standard Award nomination form:

ICCTA Outstanding Full-Time Faculty Member Award nomination form:

ICCTA Outstanding Part-Time Faculty Member Award nomination form:

President’s List, Fall 2023 Full-Time Students

Spoon River College congratulates the following full-time students who were named to the President’s List in recognition of their academic achievement in completing 12 credit hours or more of college-level classes and earning a grade point average of 3.6–4.0 during the Fall 2023 semester. Students who have a privacy hold on their accounts will not be listed.

Astoria: Audrey E. Briggs, Elena C. DeWees, Jacob R. Wommack;

Avon: Holly J. Mason;

Blandinsville: Erica J. Lacy;

Bushnell: Leah M. Kling, Mahkalay M. Myers, Benjamin Powell, Alyssa J. Zarello;

Camden: Reagan N. Horsch;

Canton: Hannah E. Anderson, Haylee K. Anderson, Owen Bohn, Gracie S. Chisum, Logan J. Clardy, Hailie E. Clark, Hannah C. Crum, Jenna E. Dean, Lexus L. Ellsworth, Braden A. Evans, Tatum S. Featherly, Cassandra Gay, Sarah E. Goldring, Jennifer L. Gray, Norah Gray, Chole M. Haley, Emma S. Hamm, Isabelle Hardy, Olivia C. Hinds, Lillian S. Kinne, Jayson M. Kuzniar, Lydia A. Malott, Alexis A. Marvel, Ayden T. Mench, Jocee S. Miller, Nicholas T. Oldfield, Addison D. Palmer, Rachel Parry, Mason Rader, Breauna K. Rawley, Erika Redding, Baylee M. Reed, Elijah S. Renner, Leah N. Scharping, Abigail M. Spencer, Jolina M. Tutor, Ava J. Wenger, Alexis J. Williams;

Coal City: Carter D. Garrelts;

Colchester: Teri S. Schoonover, Cyndi J. Thrapp I;

Coral Springs, FL: Jordan Evans;

Cuba: Ava R. Dunham, Allyson M. Harrold, Justin A. Jockish, Emma J. Staggs, Alexis A. Stone, Heyden H. Thum;

Davenport, IA: Keegan J. Shovlain;

Dunfermline: Tyler N. Tucker;

Ed Dorado, KS: Addison D. Haskins;

Fairview: Jenna M. Schleich;

Farmington: Margaret C. Toothaker;

Findlay: Karson E. Park;

Fort Madison, IA: Matthew M. Hopper;

Frankfort: Samuel R. Ruchala;

Glasford: Maggie L. Grebner, Ethan L. Patterson, Sydney E. Sager;

Havana: Cassidy S. Boehl, Alyssa N. Miller I, Halicyn Minor, Natalie G. Morgan, Gabriella F. Oxendine, Star A. Peace, Allison J. Ralston, Braden W. Rapp, Karlie J. Richardson I, Shyler D. White, Taryn R. Wickman;

Heyworth: Emma K. Slayback;

Industry: Danielle K. Icenogle;

Ipava: Angel L. Dailey;

Jasper, IN: Kylie R. Morton;

Kewanee: Mitch N. Lambert;

La Harpe: Colton D. Walker;

Lewistown: Noah L. Beatty, Demi D. Dainty, Elliot I. Dalpiaz, Brady R. Hanes, John R. Hess, Ella R. Hootman, Chelsey M. Hopkins, Sailor L. Johnson, Taylor G. Malott, Natalee R. Miller, Roman Voitkovskyi;

Lomax: Desiree G. Pflasterer;

Macomb: Triana J. Banks, Savanna M. Bigsby, Melia C. Butler, Chloe R. Cheesman, Jonathon R. Davis, Sarah E. Davis, Lily R. Dennis, Thomas Y. Engel, Melody H. Farkas, Emily G. Jordan, Jacob L. Rouse, Alliana Seely, Madelyn O. Skiles, Sarah C. Stufflebeam, Stephen L. Stufflebeam, Brady P. Sullivan, Machai A. West, McKenzie L. Whitford;

Manteno: Bryce W. Vorwald;

Mapleton: Liliana G. Serna;

Maquon: Lillian M. Mason;

Marietta: Autumn K. Hughes;

Mason City: Clay M. Butler;

Naperville: Tela H. Meech;

Normal: Clint T. Goodman;

Oswego: Chase G. Gerwig;

Oxbow, Saskatchewan, Canada: Raivyn J. Millions

Payson: Caleb M. Rogers, Kylie E. Simmons;

Pekin: Kylee A. Hadsall, Jonathan W. Mathews;

Prairie City: Elizabeth M. Gilfillan;

Rushville: Kyle J. Demaree, Lance V. Kelly, Camille G. Prefountain;

St. Augustine: Gage M. Coursey;

Springfield: Ryne M. Crum;

Stronghurst: Brynna K. Seitz;

Table Grove: Allyson D. Bithos;

Vermont: Sarah E. Hamm, Doris A. Hammack, Abigail A. Kessler, Easton J. Mercer;

West Palm Beach, FL: Lazario J. Cornish;

West Peoria: Brady J. Osmulski;

Yates City: Casey J. Bednar.

President’s, Fall 2023 Part-Time Students

Spoon River College congratulates the following part-time students who were named to the President’s List in recognition of their academic achievement in completing at least 12 credit hours of college level courses at SRC and who were enrolled in six to eleven credit hours and earning a GPA of 3.6 or higher during the Fall 2023semester. Students who have designated a privacy hold will not appear on this list.

Abingdon: Amanda L. Seroka

Astoria: Denise S. Perry, Alyssa A. Riggs;

Bushnell: Shannon K. Coultas, Holli R. Warner;

Canton: Isabella J. Alig, Lindsay D. Beaird, Mykaela A. Billington, Tiffany R. Cohee, Avery A. Dry, Solomon J. Dunlap, Makenzie R. Ewalt, Gage W. Hasselbacher, Siage A. Kenser, Paige N. Kruchinsky, Hope M. Lisenbee, Madison N. Long, Janelle M. McMahon, Rebecca A. Strode, Carlyn C. Utt, Phillip B. Ward, Jordon Yocum, Isabella K. Zavala;

Carthage: Samantha M. Mott;

Chicago: Maede Doolabi;

Cuba: Grace I. Buhlig, Whitney M. Holtz, Cindy R. Luthy, Jake A. Owens-Shores, Carmen C. Pratt;

Ellisville: Jordan Stewart;

Fairview: Samantha J. Munson

Farmington: Shelby L. Bull, Jill R. Ifft, Keith H. Ifft;

Frederick: Lindsey C. Grafton;

Good Hope: Sharon E. Arnold;

Hanna City: Jessica R. Boroughs;

Havana: Jennifer R. Hertter, Hallie R. Linder, Ruth A. Lippert;

Huntsville: Taylor M. Armstrong;

Kilbourne: Abigail J. Whitlow;

Lewistown: Traci L. Brown, Jackson C. Churchill, Adah C. Cripe, Kami S. Duncan, Brennan S. Grove, Parker W. Roddis, Landry L. Smith, Jaiden, Curtis H. Watson, Calvin D. Weaver;

London Mills: Ashley R. Tarochione, Elliet B. Willis;

Macomb: Jacob B. Bartels, Katherine Benson, Ruth E. Buren, Mallory J. Burg, Dallas F. Davis, Zachary M. Hagmeier, Adeola Nwamina, Onyinye Okakpu, Amber Owens, Anaiah S. Payne, William D. Payne, Misty A. Peyer, Andrew J. Rittenhouse, Shuai Zhao;

Mason City: Annalea R. Babbs;

Peoria: Sarah A. Wilson-McCoy;

Prairie City: Jalyn K. Fayhee;

Rushville: Conner J. Abernathy, Elizabeth L. Corrie, Camryn J. Flowers, Sophia A. Greene, Danielle J. Hammack, Cheyann V. Ide, Katelyn G. Ingles, Skyler A. Koch, Kalynn A. Prather, Rachel B. Rahar, Haley VanDeVenter, Ella A. Williams, Maci N. Wrench;

Sciota: Madison N. Johnson;

Yates City: Eliana C. Davis.


Dean’s List, Fall 2023 Full-Time Students

Spoon River College congratulates the following full-time students who have been named to the Dean’s List by achieving a 3.0 – 3.5 grade point average for 12 credit hours or more of college-level classes during the Fall 2023 semester. Students who have designated a privacy hold on their accounts will not be listed.

Astoria: Hunter D. Protsman;

Auburn: Cole B. Smith ;

Basco: Jerick L. LeMaire;

Baylis: Christian J. Clayton;

Blandinsville: Jade V. Miller;

Bloomington: Joe T. Jefferson;

Bushnell: Peyton M. Bowman, Patricia K. Chambers, Dalton H. Horwedel, Ezra G. Mason;

Cameron: Luke W. Hawkins;

Canton: Angelina J. Adame, Gabriel M. Blakely, Sabrina Carroll, Manuela Cianfriglia, Jersey R. Dilts, Amy J. Edwards, Jace W. Emery, Aaron R. Evans, Drew W. Freeman, Heuston A. Harkless, Jonathon J. Hedges, Laryn K. Kephart, Ian Kosier, Makyla E. Marvel, Tyonna L. McGinnis, Kaden J. Otto, Damien J. Patino, Elijah A. Perkins, Zachary A. Pittaway, Rylee D. Reed, Kevin P. Schroer, Sydney E. Theinert, Johnny T. Torrence, Jr;

West Charleston, WV: Kcion J. Welch;

Coal City: Caden T. Kuder;

Colchester: Rylie A. Reeves;

Cuba: Trevor D. Gorforth, Kelsie D. Hampton, Samantha J. Woods;

Davenport, IA: Max J. Stein;

Dunfermline: Ayden R. Weis;

Ellisville: Conner R. Crusen;

Elmwood: Lynzie A. Perdue;

Evans, CO: Julieanna J. Young;

Fairview: Tyler D. Heinz;

Farmington: Emylee M. Mahr;

Geneseo: Jake R. Nelms;

Gilson: Matthew J. McDaneld;

Glasford: Nathan W. Henkle;

Good Hope: Kyle A. Rhoads;

Guthrie, OK: Connor D. McCabe;

Hanna City: Connor A. Taylor;

Havana: Caleb M. Fleer, Jeremy V. Huynh, Margaret A. Porter, Elizabeth N. Sears;

Industry: Halie A. Moranville;

Ipava: Haylie J. Boehl;

Jacksonville: Alexis D. Prather;

Keokuk, IA: Andrew D. Rairden;

Knob Noster, MO: Samantha L. McElhiney;

Lewistown: Cole A. Beekman, Peirce D. Boyer, Deidra Brown, Lily A. Derry, Kayla M. Ray, Esmeralda Uribe;

Macomb: Eric Y. Akoto, Emma K. Carson, Michael E. Ewen, Olivia J. Gardner, Trustin L. Kimbrough, Alex H. Leflore, Frances E. Long, Bryonna K. Oden, Ezra J. Reneau, Devon A. Simpson, Megan M. Stickler, Blaine D. Swedell, Alexander Vyhnanek, Alexis Willie;

Mazone: Matthew J. Cruise;

Mulvane, KS: Lyric N. Edgerle;

Normal: Kellen J. Hershberger;

Prairie City: Christopher M. Taylor III;

Rushville: Christian L. Bertoux, Andrea P. Busby, Kaitlin Fredriksen, Emily A. Gossage, Erin A. Miller, Cortney S. Taylor, Lisa A. Villwock;

Springfield: Connor A. Roark;

St. David: Delaney N. Eastwood, Easton A. Haepp;

St. Louis, MO: Jacob Mishkin;

Streator: Kadence M. Ondrey;

Table Grove: Luke E. Abernathy;

Tinley Park: Michael J. Pustelnik;

Tremont: Erin N. Pulliam;

Vermont: James Campbell;

Wentzville, MO: Wyatt B. Seymore;

Williamsfield: Chloee M. Secrist;

Yates City: Trista M. Nichols.

Dean’s List, Fall 2023 Part-Time Students

Spoon River College congratulates the following part-time students who were named to the Dean’s List in recognition of their academic achievement in completing at least 12 credit hours of college level courses at SRC and who were enrolled in six to eleven credit hours and earned a GPA of 3.0 − 3.5 during the Fall 2023 semester. Students who have designated a privacy hold on their accounts will not be listed.

Astoria: Riley J. Burget, Aleah B. Foster;

Bushnell: Tessa L. Reimolds, Dylan G. Silchack;

Canton: Lindsey N. Harrison-McDowell, Jovie R. Hutton, Erynn J. Lundeen, Taylor K. Marshall, Madison P. Weaver, Andrea D. Wrestler;

Cuba: Sara Gilpin, Nellie J. Lehnhausen;

Dunfermline: Tanya L. Kellus;

Peoria: Taylor A. Dimmitt;

Havana: Rachel L. Bailey, Stephanie J. Bailey, Erin R. Danner;

Ipava: Sophie M. Lascelles;

Kilbourne: Addisyn R. Chapin;

Addisyn R. Chapin       Kilbourne

Lewistown: Lucas M. Adams, Brookelyn P. Barclay, Kelsey L. Irwin, Shanna D. Judd, Brooke T. Lerch, Aidan C. Reed;

Macomb: Mariam Adebo, Irene Akinyemi, Patricia L. Brown, Olubukola A. Dopamu, Alexandria Forman, Lyndsay N. Hughes, Stella Klariz Liebsack, Marcus D. Murray, Emmanuella Oke, Devon L. Smith, Jr., Noah C. Spencer;

Pekin: Brittany C. Wertz;

Rushville: Adrianne F. Collins, Faith A. Farris I, Madisyn P. Quinn, Andreas R. Smith, Tanna S.

Spoon River College Announces Dates for Spring College Visit Days in Canton and Macomb

Spoon River College will host College Visit Days at both their Canton and Macomb campuses on Wednesday, February 7 from 9-11 a.m., Thursday, March 21, from 9-11, and Wednesday, April 17, from 1-3 p.m.

The March 21 visit will include a special Career Programs Edition on the Canton Campus that offers simulations and hands-on activities in the following programs: Agriculture, Commercial Driving Training/Logistics, Computer Information Systems, Diesel and Power Systems Technology, Early Childhood Education, Healthcare Career Programs, Medical Laboratory Technician, Nursing, and Welding.

College Visit Days are open to people of all ages who are interested in learning about both the transfer and the career education programs available at Spoon River College, as well as the different degrees and short-term certificates each program offers.

Attendees will have the opportunity to meet with advisors and financial aid specialists, and will receive information about the application process, tuition costs, and financial aid options including scholarships, as well as student life activities, clubs, and organizations.

Tours of the campuses will be given, and will include the Snapper Villas student housing on the Canton Campus. All attendees will receive a free t-shirt.

High school students should inquire with their school about using a college visit day, and letters from the College confirming their attendance at the event will be provided.

RSVPs are encouraged at , but not required.

The Canton Campus is located at 23235 N. County Hwy. 22, and the Macomb Campus is located at 208 S. Johnson Street. For more information, call 309-649-6400 (Canton) or 309-833-6069 (Macomb).

Dean O'Brien talking with guests during a previous College Visit Day

Fast Track Registration January 8-10 and January 16 & 17

Fast Track Registration for the Spring 2024 semester at Spoon River College will be held January 8-10 and January 16 and 17. On these days, the college will offer extended hours of operation from 8 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. at both the Canton and Macomb campuses. The college will be closed on Monday, January 15, in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

During this time, prospective students will be able to apply, test, and register in one day. No appointment is necessary, but a valid picture ID is required. Financial aid staff will be available during the extended hours to answer questions and assist in the aid process.

Tuition and fees are due at the time of registering for classes. Students have the option of paying in full or signing up for a deferred payment plan through Payment Portal by Nelnet. Visit or call 309-649-7030 for more information about payment options.

A course schedule can also be viewed at For more information about the registration process or to make an appointment with an advisor, call (309) 647-6400 in Canton, (309) 543-4413 in Havana, (309) 837-6069 in Macomb, and (217) 322-6060 in Rushville.

The Canton Campus is located at 23235 North County 22 and the Macomb Campus is located at 208 South Johnson Street.

Lynn McPheeters, SRC’s First Graduate, Donates to Assist Career and Technical Education Students

In October 1959, the citizens of Canton Union School District No. 66 passed a referendum to establish a community junior college.  Canton Community College (CCC), the first public junior college organized in West-Central Illinois, was born.

And, after a conversation with members of district administration and members of the School Board, a young man named F. Lynn McPheeters became the first student to enroll.

It was the beginning of a lifelong relationship between a community college later renamed as Spoon River College (SRC) and its very first (1962) graduate, who ultimately rose through the ranks to become Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Caterpillar, Inc.

Now, that relationship continues with a pledge of $500,000 to the SRC Foundation to establish The McPheeters Family Scholarship, which will support SRC students entering career and technical education (CTE) programs which are ineligible for federal financial aid.

“Without SRC and SIU, I would have never been in a position to have the success I’ve had or to be able to make a gift like this,” said McPheeters.  “Businesses need a skilled workforce more than ever, and there are great opportunities available to graduates of CTE programs.  SRC is a great value for students seeking education, but many students still face financial barriers that keep them from attending.  It is my hope that The McPheeters Family Scholarship endowment will allow those who need extra assistance to attend SRC and succeed in the workforce in their chosen field.”

The pledge represents the largest gift by an individual in the history of the SRC Foundation.  When the endowment is fully funded, McPheeters’ generosity is expected to result in approximately $20,000 annually in scholarship assistance to the aforementioned group of students.

McPheeters had established the Francis G. and Dorothea B. McPheeters Scholarship in 2002 to honor his parents.  At his request, the funds from this scholarship will be rolled into The McPheeters Family Scholarship to ensure that a limited number of scholarships can be offered each year until the pledge is fulfilled.

“Lynn has supported SRC from the beginning in countless ways, including through his generous financial gifts to the SRC Foundation,” said Colin Davis, Director of the SRC Foundation. “His journey from community college student to Chief Financial Officer of one of the most prestigious companies in the world is inspiring, and his generosity will mean the realization of hundreds of dreams.  It has been an absolute pleasure to work with him on this project, and I’m excited about the impact it will have on our future students and communities.”

Programs covered by The McPheeters Family Scholarship include, but are not necessarily limited to: Ag Production, Commercial Driver Training, Computer & Network Technician, Emergency Medical Technician, Industrial Maintenance, Locomotive Mechanical, Machine Tool Operations, Nursing Assistant, Phlebotomy Technician, Pharmacy Technician, Preventive Maintenance, and Welding.  SRC is constantly evaluating additional programs, and additional programs may be included in the future, based on aid eligibility and changes to program offerings.

“Goal #1 at SRC is student success. Short-term, hands-on learning programs are part of the workforce solution. These programs give students the opportunity to launch a career, receive a promotion, or earn more money.  Oftentimes, finances prevent students from enrolling.” said Dr. Curt Oldfield, President of SRC.  “Lynn McPheeters’ gift to support students in these programs will be transformational for them and we cannot thank Lynn and his family enough for this generous gift.”

A first-generation college student, upon graduating from CCC, McPheeters completed his baccalaureate studies at Southern Illinois University Carbondale before starting his career with Caterpillar in 1964.  The culmination of over 40 years of service to Caterpillar, Inc., McPheeters was promoted to Treasurer in 1996 and Vice President and CFO in 1998.  He served in that role until his retirement in 2005.  He was the 1989 recipient of the SRC Distinguished Alumni Award.

McPheeters has served on many non-profit and corporate boards and has been active in supporting organizations specializing in children’s health, education, and abuse-prevention, in addition to his alma maters of SIU and SRC.

 “The best part about Lynn’s story is that of a homegrown, first-generation college student success story,” said Oldfield.  “Well before he became the VP and CFO of Caterpillar, he took a leap of faith toward a brand-new community college.  Lynn has always been part of the CCC/SRC legacy, and now we are honored to endow a part of Lynn’s legacy.”

The SRC Foundation anticipates that The McPheeters Family Scholarship will begin to be offered on a limited basis in the 2024-25 academic year.  Additional information about the gift and scholarship availabilities will follow from

SRC’s #GivingSPOONday Biggest Yet

The totals are in, and the Spoon River College Foundation’s #GivingSPOONday campaign received 400 gifts, far surpassing its goal of 300 gifts.  Including all matching funds, the 24-hour campaign raised $87,599.32, its second-highest total ever.

As part of the larger Giving Tuesday movement to create a worldwide day of giving, the SRC Foundation had challenged all friends of SRC to “help SRC students rise,” and give 300 separate gifts to benefit SRC in the 24-hour period of November 28.

“Our goal this year was a ‘stretch’ goal, but our supporters came through for our students,” said Colin Davis, Executive Director of the SRC Foundation.  “While SRC students’ need is greater than ever, this proves that they’re not facing their challenges alone.  To see this kind of response when we know how much financial need is out there right now is simply incredible.  We can’t thank our communities enough.”

According to Davis, gifts ranged from $1 to $10,000, with a median gift of $50.  When the large “challenge” gifts are removed, the average gift was around $129, and gifts came from 16 states and 91 zip codes.  Gifts came from as far away as Florida, New York, and California.

“The appeal of helping students at SRC truly reaches all corners of the country,” said Brendon Bauman, #GivingSPOONday co-chair and former SRC Foundation Board member.  “But it’s our communities here in west central Illinois that stepped up for us in the biggest way.”

What started with a goal of $5,000 in 2015 has grown to the SRC Foundation’s largest fundraising campaign each year.  Dozens of new donors get involved annually, and it takes the efforts of over 50 people, not including the donors themselves.  Since 2015, the campaign has raised over $400,000 to help benefit SRC students, and donors from 30 states have made an impact on students.

As always, donors had the option of directing their gifts to be used however they saw fit.  While some directed funds to specific scholarships, facilities, student or community programs, or the Student Emergency Hardship Fund, many donors made unrestricted gifts, which help the Foundation quickly meet the needs of SRC and students as the needs arise.

“With our unrestricted funds, we were able to launch our new Emergency Hardship Fund in 2020 as a way to help SRC students remain enrolled in classes and on track,” Davis said.  “That has helped us keep over 100 students enrolled who otherwise may have been forced to drop out.  That’s the kind of impact our donors can have, even if they just tell us to use the funds where they’re needed most.

People who were unable to participate in #GivingSPOONday but still wish to help local students at SRC by visiting or by calling (309) 649-6395.  The college is closed for winter break from Dec. 20 through Jan. 2, but gifts are tax-deductible in 2023 as long as they are postmarked via USPS by December 31.

“Higher costs of gas, utility bills, rent, and other goods and services have impacted all of us, but community college students are affected disproportionately, and student need remains great” Davis said.  “The generosity of our friends during #GivingSPOONday will allow us to meet more and more of those needs.

“The beautiful thing about #GivingSPOONday is how everyone – even if it’s just by sharing information about the campaign on social media or making a gift of a dollar – makes an impact on the campaign, and thus, students’ lives.  We are so grateful for everyone who helped make the campaign a success and remain thankful to live and work in such generous, caring communities.”