​Bridget Loftus, Chemistry faculty at Spoon River College, was this year’s nominee for the Illinois Community College Trustee Association Full-Time Faculty Award. It was presented to Loftus by President Oldfield during the college’s 61st Commencement held May 12 at the Canton Campus.

“Besides teaching excellence, this award recognizes the ability of a teacher to take a personal interest in students, and to inspire enthusiasm through their teaching techniques,” said Oldfield. “Bridget is an outstanding instructor who builds students’ confidence in science and math while providing support to help them succeed.”

Loftus, who believes that anything is possible through education, said she strives to show students “the interconnectedness of education and society as a whole.” While she realizes that many of her students don’t believe they will ever use the content she teaches, she believes it is her job to help students see and understand that what they get out of a chemistry class is more than the content. “If they can embrace this idea, they will be better able to engage in the world outside of the classroom.”

Loftus began teaching at Spoon River College in the fall of 2014.

Photo credit Sha Lyn Photography.

Bridget Loftus