​The general application for Spoon River College Foundation scholarships for the 2023-2024 academic year is now available, and the deadline to apply is March 15, 2023. All potential students are encouraged to apply, even if they aren’t sure they’ll be attending in the next academic year or have already received financial aid.

There are two scholarships with immediate application deadlines of October 21, 2022; the West Central FS Scholarship and the Fellheimer Scholarship.

The West Central FS Scholarship is for agriculture students and those in ag-related fields. Students currently taking agriculture classes and any who are considering an ag-related career are encouraged to apply. Eligibility requirements include a short interview.

The Fellheimer Scholarship is for students who are McDonough County residents and who meet eligibility requirements.

Students seeking to apply for the Graham Health System Scholarship for the Advancement of Rural Healthcare should visit www.src.edu/grahamscholarship.

All applications, instructions, and requirements can be found at www.src.edu/scholarships.

For more information about SRC Foundation scholarships, visit www.src.edu, contact Colin Davis at colin.davis@src.edu, or contact any Spoon River College advisor at  (309) 647-4645.