AA/AS Degree – Concentration in Art

This curriculum is designed for students interested in transferring to a four-year institution in degree programs such as advertising, art, architecture, art education, graphic design, interior design, or museum studies. This program is part of the Arts, Audio/Video Technology & Communications Career Cluster.

The listed sequence of courses provides guidance for students so that they can complete this program of study in the most efficient manner. This sequence assumes that students have met college academic placement and/or other program requirements. Students are strongly urged to contact a college advisor for assistance in developing their plan for enrolling in courses to meet the program of study.

​Art: 64 Credit Hours

Fall SemesterCredit Hrs.
ART101Two Dimensional Design3
ENG101Composition I3
ART111Drawing I3
Art Humanities Course3
Spring SemesterCredit Hrs.
ART102Three Dimensional Design3
ENG102Composition II3
Lab Science4
Social & Behavioral Sciences3
Fall SemesterCredit Hrs.
Choose one of the following courses:3
ART212Life Drawing I OR(3)
ART213Drawing II(3)
Art Humanities Course3
Non-Lab Science3
Health Science3
Spring SemesterCredit Hrs.
COM103Speech Communication3
Social & Behavioral Sciences6
Humanities Non-Art3
Art/Humanities CoursesCredit Hrs.
Choose TWO of the following courses:6
ART120*Introduction to Art(3)
ART122Survey of Art I(3)
ART123Survey of Art II(3)
ART224History of 20th Century Art(3)
Electives (Studio or Art Education Majors)Credit Hrs.
ART110Foundations of Electronic Design3
ART260Aqueous Media I3
ART270Painting I3
ART265Ceramics I3
ART266​Ceramics II3
ART275Studio Painting II3
ART206Computer Illustration3
ART214Digital Imagery3
ART250Sculpture I3
ART280Photography I3
ART285Photography II3

*Preferred by most transfer institutions.
Students must complete at least one IAI approved math course. Science requirements include at least one IAI life science and one IAI physical science, and one of those must be a lab science. Additional math and/or science courses are needed to complete general education requirements for the AS degree.