Spoon River College MLT Program Essential Functions

The following essential functions are intended to identify essential skills/knowledge/attitudes needed in the Medical Laboratory Technology curriculum at Spoon River College.

Essential Observational Requirements
The MLT student must be able to:

  • Observe demonstrations and exercises in which biological fluids are tested.
  • Identify and distinguish objects macroscopically and microscopically and discern colors.
  • Read and comprehend text, numbers, charts, and graphs displayed in print and on a video monitor.


Essential Movement Requirements
The MLT student must be able to:

  • Move freely and safely from one location to another in physical settings such as a clinical laboratory and patient care areas.
  • Reach laboratory bench-tops and shelves, patients lying in hospital beds or patients seated in specimen collection furniture. .
  • Perform moderately taxing continuous physical work, often requiring prolonged sitting, over several hours.
  • Possess sufficient eye-motor coordination to allow delicate manipulations of specimens, instruments, and tools
  • Control laboratory equipment (i.e., pipettes, inoculating loops, test tubes) and adjust instruments to perform laboratory procedures.
  • Use an electronic keyboard to operate laboratory instruments and to calculate, record, evaluate, and transmit laboratory information.
  • Work safely with potential chemical, radiologic, and biologic hazards using universal precautions.


Essential Communication Requirements
The MLT student must be able to:

  • Communicate effectively in English with patients, family and other healthcare professionals in a variety of patient settings.
  • Follow verbal and written instructions in order to correctly and independently perform laboratory test procedures.
  • Clearly instruct patients prior to specimen collection.
  • Communicate effectively, confidentially, and sensitively with patients, their families, and member so the healthcare team.
  • Follow written and verbal directions


Essential Intellectual, Professional and Behavioral Requirements
The MLT student must be able to:

  • Possess these intellectual skills: comprehension, measurement, mathematical calculation, reasoning, integration, analysis, comparison, self-expression, and criticism.
  • Be able to manage the use of time and be able to systematize actions in order to complete professional and technical tasks within realistic constraints.
  • Possess the emotional health necessary to effectively employ intellect and exercise appropriate judgment.
  • Be honest, compassionate, ethical and responsible.
  • Be forthright about errors or uncertainty.
  • Be able to critically evaluate his or her own performance, accept constructive criticism, and look for ways to improve.
  • Project an image of professionalism including appearance, dress, and confidence.