The Early Childhood Development program is designed to offer a one-year curriculum for students interested in entering the childcare field or upgrading current skills. This program provides the academic background and practical experience for people interested in careers in education, including infant, preschool and school-age child care in early childhood centers, family child care homes, parent education, and early childhood program supervision. The classes will include practicum experience in a Child Development Center.

Certificates and Degrees

The completion of the Early Childhood Education Certificate will prepare the student with the skills necessary to understand how to provide developmentally appropriate interactions and learning experiences for young children.

Nature of Work

Employment opportunities for graduates of the early childhood education program are very positive, whether pursuing a career in group day care, preschool settings or family care. Because of the rapid growth in group care/education, the need for excellence in child care providers is of critical importance. This program is part of the Education & Training Career Cluster.​​​​​​​​



Early Childhood Education Certificate: 24 Credit Hours

​Fall Semester​ Courses​Credit Hrs.
CHD101​Infant Toddler Development2
CHD102Preschool Child Development2
​HS 101​First Aid2
​ED 122​Creative Activities for Young Children3
​ED 123​Health & Nutrition for the Young Child3
​​Spring Semester Courses​Credit Hrs.
​CHD103​Behavior Management & Guidance2
CHD104​School Age Child Development2
CHD107Field Experience—Infant Toddler2
CHD108Field Experience—Preschool2
​ED 225​Parent & Community Involvement3
​​Summer Interim​Credit Hrs.
CHD110​Child Care Professional1

Prerequisites for completing CHD 109 – Field Experience:

  • Physical within 6 months
  • State background check
  • Finger print check