The Diesel and Power Systems Technology program offers education and training in the ever-changing field of diesel power technology and its related applications. The SRC program takes great pride in the fact that students are exposed to a wide variety of brands of diesel equipment. The two-year program has prepared hundreds of students for employment in the fast-paced industry of diesel power. Small class size and fully equipped labs allow students the opportunity to gain quality hands-on experience.

Certificates and Degrees

Nature of Work

Diesel service technicians repair and maintain the diesel engines that power transportation equipment such as heavy trucks, buses, and locomotives. Some diesel technicians also work on bulldozers, cranes, road graders, farm tractors, and combines. Service technicians are expected to diagnose and repair machinery. This program is part of the Transportation, Distribution & Logistics Career Cluster.

Employment Opportunities

  • Implement dealership service technician
  • Diesel repair shop owner/operator
  • Diesel and power systems research and development
  • Locomotive service technician
  • Marine service technician
  • Trucking company service technician

AAS Degree​​

​Diesel and Power Systems Technology: 70 Credit Hours

Fall Semester CoursesCredit Hrs.
DTT101Engine Systems I3
DTT102Engine Systems II3
DTT104Starting Circuits3
DTT105D.C. Charging & Other Circuits3
DTT130Parts Department Procedures1
CSC101Computer Applications for Business3
General Education Electives3
Spring Semester CoursesCredit Hrs.
Choose one of the following Communications Elective:3
GT 162Communication Skills OR(3)
ENG101Composition I(3)
Summer Semester CoursesCredit Hrs.
DTT140Harvesting Equipment2
DTT145Vehicular Air Cond. Sys. Operations2.5
WEL100Introduction to Welding2
Fall Semester CoursesCredit Hrs.
DTT150Dealership Management3
DTT215Supervised Coop Experience I4
DTT225Introduction to Diesel3
DTT240*Advanced Diesel4
Health Science Electives2
Spring Semester CoursesCredit Hrs.
DTT220Supervised Coop Experience II4
DTT245* or RRT137**Advanced Hydraulics or Locomotive Airbrake4-3
DTT250*Advanced Transmissions2.5
HS 110* or RRT138**Safety & the Workplace or Locomotive FRA1-3
Math Electives (GT 150 or higher)3
*Only two of the following must be successfully completed – DTT240, DTT245, DTT250.
**RRT137 and RRT138 must both be taken in the "or" scenarios above. A student may not take one and not the other in the sequence.

Transfer Agreements

Southern Illinois University – Carbondale


Locomotive Mechanical Certificate: 12 Credit Hours

Credit Hrs.
RRT135Basic EMD Mechanical3
RRT136Basic GE Mechanical3
RRT137Locomotive Air Brake3
RRT138Locomotive FRA3

Preventive Maintenance Certificate: 21.5 Credit Hours

Credit Hrs.
Part 1
CDT101Commercial Driver Training-Basic10
Part 2
DTT104DC Charging & other Circuits3
DTT230Intro. to Hydraulics & Pneumatics3
DTT145Vehicular Air Cond. Sys. Operations2.5
Note: Part 1 may take some students additional time to complete. It is suggested that Part 2 not commence until State CDL road testing is completed. However, in some cases, this exception may be waived.