GED & Literacy

GED & Literacy


Adult Literacy Program


The Literacy Program offers services to adults in the College district. With the help of trained volunteers, our programs are centered upon improving the reading, writing, and math level of each individual while understanding their unique needs and goals. We provide volunteer-based, flexible, student centered, confidential, and free adult literacy services. For more information contact the Adult Literacy Program at: Canton/Macomb: (309)833-6038


Family Literacy Program​


The Family Literacy Program offers literacy training to at-risk children and their families by promoting fun filled reading activities within the community. While these activities are structured to improve the literacy levels of the child, they also function to facilitate a home environment that is conducive to reading. For more information contact the Family Literacy Program at: Canton:(309)649-6256; (309)649-6395


ESL - English as a Second Language


English as a Second Language (ESL) is a language program designed for adults, 16 years and older, whose native language is not English. The ESL program helps students improve their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills from literacy to the advanced level. These skills are necessary for success in the workplace, the community, and for future course work. Students improve English skills while also learning about American culture.


Before entry into the program, a student must obtain an English skills assessment for accurate placement. To schedule an assessment, register for the class or further information please call the Adult Education Program Coordinator at (309) 833-6038.


Macomb ESL classes meet in the mornings from 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. on Monday and Wednesday. Rushville ESL classes meet in the mornings from 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday. As with all our Adult Education Classes, ESL is offered free of charge.




GEDgraduationforweb.jpgOur classes are informal and instruction is individualized. Most of our classrooms are also staffed ​with volunteer tutors that offer one-on-one training. GED classes prepare students to pass the high school equivalency (GED) test. Subjects include: Social Studies, Science, Reading, Mathematics, Writing, Federal and Illinois Constitution. We offer classes in the mornings and evenings in several convenient locations.


GED Information

  • Spoon’s Adult Education services are available to residents who live in the Spoon River Community College District #534, which includes Fulton, Mason, Schuyler, and McDonough counties.

  • Spoon River College offers free G.E.D. classes in Canton, Havana, Rushville and Macomb.  

  • In order to take the test, you must be 17 years old AND a resident of Illinois for at least 30 days. If further assistance is required, contact the Regional Office of Education.

  • During the calendar year (Jan.-Dec.), you may take the GED test a total of three times. You must pay a $50 fee at the time you apply to take the test. The fee covers the cost of testing and a certificate of completion and is good for six months from the date of application. Additional fees may include retest fees or sitting fees. The classes to help you prepare for the GED test are free.

  • Each student has the opportunity to have their test paid for through SRC.  Students must attend class until the date of the test to receive assistance.


Steps to Getting a GED

  • Enroll in preparation classes. You choose the time that is best for you. Most classes are scheduled during morning and evening hours. Classes are funded by the State of Illinois and there is no cost to the student. You will need to fill out some registration forms and take a reading assessment test. Call an advisor in Canton or Macomb for an appointment to register and test. Canton: (309) 649-6229 | Macomb: (309) 833-6017

  • Attend Class. Come to class regularly. The more often you attend, the quicker you will be able to take the test! Practice for the GED test by taking GED practice tests.

  • Schedule time and register to take the GED test. Your instructor will help you decide when you are ready to take the GED test. He or She will then explain to you where the Regional Office of Education is located in your county. What you will need to take is a $50 testing fee in exact currency or money order and a picture I.D. with a current address. If the fee is a concern, talk to your instructor. Contingent upon available funds, the students may be eligible for GED testing fee.​

  • Take the GED Test.

  • After completing the GED test, the Regional Office of Education will score your test and notify you by mail of your results.
    Attend the GED Completion Recognition Ceremony


The Adult Education Program sponsors the Annual GED Rec​​og​nition Ceremony. Those students who have successfully completed their GED tests and have taken GED classes through Spoon River College are invited to attend.


 Contact Us


Canton/Havana - (309) 649-6278
Macomb/Rushville - (309) 833-6017


 Current Class Schedule


Career Link program

Spoon River College has partnered with Career Link to improve job readiness skills. 

The program is designed for 17-21 year old students who are deficient in math and or reading and meet criteria for enrollment.  The program offers incentives for student to bring up their levels while working toward obtaining the G.E.D. 

For more information on the Career Link program, contact 649-6229.