Student Government

The Student Government Association (SGA), which is comprised of 15 student members (9​ sophomores and 6 freshmen elected by the student body), operates within a constitution written by students. The Student Government Association occupies a key position in the college student activity program by allocating funds to various student activities, coordinating the student activity program, recognizing student organizations, establishing student committees and appointing students to SRC staff-student committees, and making recommendations to the administration in matters of concern to the entire student body.


Jackie Curry, Haydyn Tindall, Nicky Gerber, Parris Grace, Kayla Lacy, Kierra Payne, Courtney Hayes, Josiah Buswell, and (back row) SGA faculty advisor Becky Leverette, Delaney O'Brien, Molly Linder, Nick Toothaker, Alex Spencer, Jayden Spencer and SGA faculty advisor Kristy Boggs. 


Canton Campus:
Sherri Rader

Macomb Campus:
Mandy Kreps