Snapper Villas-Verification of Residency

Documentation of Residency

Snapper Villas will provide a copy of the lease and room assignment to Spoon River College.​

Mailing Address

All mail from Spoon River College will be sent to a student's permanent address on file.  If you prefer to have mail sent to your Snapper Villas address, please make a request to the Admissions Office to update your mailing address.

Statement of Residency

As a student at Spoon River College, I confirm that I will be residing in the Snapper Villas at Spoon River College and have a verifiable interest in establishing permanent residency in the Spoon River College district. 

Because of this, I am asking for a waiver of the 30-day residency requirement as specified in the Administrative Rules of the Illinois Community College Board, Section 1501.501 (Residency-General Provisions-May, 2018).

Please complete form below for your Verification of Residency:

 Snapper Villas Verification of Residency

Please provide your in district address below. IF you will be living in the Snapper Villas that address is 23423 North Co. 22 Canton IL 61520
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