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The goal of the Learning Resource Center​ (LRC) is to improve the quality, consistency, and availability of academic support services to students. As part of this initiative, faculty complete student referrals to help students get the services they need and promote retention.

When should I complete a student referral?

  • Not participating – When class participation is required and the student isn’t engaging.
  • Not attending class – If a student has missed 2 consecutive class periods.
  • Excessive tardiness – When a student has been consistently late or leaving early
  • Not completing assignments and homework – After 1 missed/late assignment
  • Difficulty with coursework - When a student isn't earning a C or better
  • Low test/quiz scores – After the first quiz/test and the student scored below a C
  • Appears to lack motivation – Student doesn’t appear to be giving their best effort 
  • Other/personal – When a student is struggling with any issue that is preventing them from being successful in the classroom

Can I refer any student?

Yes, any and all students should be referred if they have a need that is preventing them from being successful in the classroom.

What should I expect after a referral has been submitted?

Once a student has been referred, a student success coach (SSC) will attempt to contact that student. When the first attempt is made, you will receive an automatically generated email letting you know how the SSC attempted to reach out to the student. If no contact is made, the SSC will continue reaching out. We will attempt to contact by phone, email, Canvas, and as a last resort, a letter to their address on file. Once contact is made you will receive another email letting you know the plan of action.

How do I create a student referral?

The referral form should be completed online by logging into TutorTrac. Instructions for creating a student referral can be found by logging into My SRC, clicking on the Faculty tab, and then on Student Referrals in the left menu.

Proctoring Services


For students who missed an exam, are taking an online exam or have special needs​ for testing, the LRC provides accommodations. Faculty can direct these requests to LRC staff and they will proctor the exam for a student or class based on the requirements set by the instructor.

In the Classroom

There are also situations where a faculty member may need an exam proctored in the classroom during normal class time. Please schedule in advance to ensure available of an LRC staff member.

In-a-Pinch Workshops

Success Coaches also provide 'In-a-pinch' services to faculty who will be absent from class and cannot cancel. In those situations, coaches have gone into those classrooms and provided workshop information on a chosen topic, provided faculty-designated instruction to the student, or proctored exams where appropriate.

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Faculty Resources​

Jeannette Glover
(309) 649-6603

LRC Assistant:
Natalie Orwig
(309) 649-6278

Canton/Havana Student Success Coach:
Abby Beck
(309) 649-6225

Macomb/Rushville Student Success Coach:
Mandy Kreps
(309) 833-6048