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Snap into the season of giving…
Change a life for good

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Mariam, SRC student, with quote: Gave me back my hope
“I want [the donors] to know that they gave me back my hope. I want to tell them that they have restored my purpose for living. They gave me back my dream, and I am grateful.”
SRC Foundation Scholarship/Emergency Hardship Grant Recipient

“When I got news of receiving this scholarship, I jumped out of bed, filled with excitement. Money is tight this year, and this scholarship helped me to not have to take out loans. For that, and for those who made my scholarship possible, I am forever grateful.”
SRC Foundation Scholarship Recipient

Photo of Chloe Hickle, SRC Student, with quote: Helped me to not have to take out loans. I am forever grateful.

Let’s cut to the chase…

We need you to help us reach our goal of 300 gifts by the end of #GivingSPOONday, November 28.

If you’re ready to give now, click here and accept our gratitude!

If you need a little more convincing, read on below…

Angel’s Story

Community college students like Angel buy food and pay bills like you do, and most also work to support their education. They budget responsibly and often are able to make it work – as long as nothing unexpected happens.

However, community college students are often one lost shift, one flat tire, or one doctor’s visit away from hitting the “stop” button on their education.

That’s why, in these days when gas, groceries, and bills – the things we need to live and work – cost more, your support is even more critical.

You’re helping students like Angel…
a high school valedictorian whose education was nearly derailed when a member of her household lost their job:

“We had gotten a personal loan and a credit card to cover the first tuition payment and books, but it didn’t cover all of the books, and it was a struggle to afford gas, food, and bills,” Angel says.


Making the Difference

Angel was resourceful, applying for and receiving several grants. But it was an Emergency Hardship Grant from the SRC Foundation which made all the difference.

Now, she’s not only enrolled, but she’s been named to the President’s List, inducted into Phi Theta Kappa honors society, and was named to PTK’s All-Illinois Academic Team–again, thanks to the support of generous donors!

And Angel, who found room in her budget to give $5 to #GivingSPOONday last year, challenges YOU to make the same impact for other students that donors to the SRC Foundation made for her.

“I couldn’t be more grateful to the donors who provided the grant to keep me enrolled, so it was important to me to give back last year because I knew first-hand how donors to the SRC Foundation came to my rescue when I needed it most,” Angel says. “I know that times are tough right now, but even during one of the most difficult times in my life, I found it in my budget to give back.

“I promise you that even the smallest of gifts makes the biggest difference to students like me.”

Angel Dailey
“The impact you’ve made on my life is immeasurable, and I’ll never forget the feeling of knowing that people who I never met believed in me.”
SRC Foundation Scholarship/Emergency Hardship Grant Recipient

FAQ’s (Click on each to expand.)

“What’s #GivingSPOONday, and why November 28?”        +

Black Friday and Cyber Monday – days to get things – are etched in our calendars. But is GivingTuesday? It’s a global movement of generosity – a day to give – Tuesday, November 28. No matter what holiday you celebrate, it’s a way to kick off the Season of Giving by making a gift to your favorite non-profit.

By making a gift to the Spoon River College Foundation, you can be a part of that movement while making a huge difference locally, as your gift will directly benefit the students of Spoon River College.

Here, we call GivingTuesday… #GivingSPOONday.

This year, our goal is 300 separate gifts to the SRC Foundation by the end of #GivingSPOONday, November 28. Whether you give $1, $1000, or anything in between or beyond, you make a difference in students’ lives and in reaching our goal!

Last year, nearly 20 percent of our annual revenue came from donors giving to our #GivingSPOONday campaign. Imagine what taking that away would mean to students who need your support!


“What can my gift support?”        +

YOU CHOOSE How You Help Students Rise…

Your gift can support anything you want at SRC. You can direct your gift for any scholarship, program, or facility at SRC.

But we especially encourage and appreciate gifts to our annual fund so that the SRC Foundation can quickly provide in the areas of greatest need at SRC. During these turbulent times, the ability to be flexible and timely with the funds we can offer is critical!

In the end, all gifts are important and appreciated, and you make a huge impact, no matter what you give or where it goes.


“I can’t give a lot–what would my gift even mean?”       +

EVERY Gift Pushes Students Higher

Think your gift won’t matter? Think again.

Here’s what your gift could mean:

  • $5: An art palette for an SRC art student
  • $15: A training stethoscope for a future nurse
  • $25: An hour of teaching for 10 students in our Adult Education classes
  • $50: A new uniform for a Snapper student-athlete
  • $75: A student’s membership fee into Phi Theta Kappa to recognize their academic achievement
  • $100: A graphing calculator for a student to use in the Russell Learning Resource Center
  • $200: A student’s full tuition and fees for one credit hour
  • $250: A bag of seed for our Agriculture Department’s Land Lab
  • $500: A faculty grant to bring new, innovative ideas to the classroom
  • $1000: A new classroom projector a bench at one of our beautiful facilities

Even a gift of $1 could buy a meal for a student through the Student Needs Center, our campus food and supply pantry. And it still counts toward the goal.

That’s the best thing about #GivingSPOONday. It doesn’t matter what you give; it only matters that you give. No matter what you can give today, you still make an enormous impact.


“How can I give?”       +

By giving online, you can give by major credit card, e-Check/ACH, or by digital wallet – PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, and Google Pay! You can also give by phone or by mail. Just click the buttons below to find out how!

Donate online button/icon
Donate by phone button/icon

To donate by phone, call the SRC Foundation at (309) 649-6260.

Donate by mail button/icon

To donate by mail, send your check to:
Spoon River College Foundation
23235 N. County Hwy 22
Canton, IL 61520


“Why do SRC students need my support?”       +

You Raise Them Up!

At the SRC Foundation, we’re firm believers that sometimes, to RISE in this world, all it takes is one person giving you that extra boost toward success.

On #GivingSPOONday, you can show the world that YOU are that person.

SRC alumni have gone on to become:

…community leaders
…non-profit professionals
…business owners
…world-renowned mechanics
…and so much more…
…even an international award-winning magician
…a Harlem Globetrotter
…and United States Secretary of Transportation!

But they all had one thing in common.

Someone believed in them.

As we speak, we’re pointing the next generation of leaders in the direction of success. We want YOU to join us.

On #GivingSPOONday, YOU can help students rise. YOU can change a life for good.


Donate online button/icon
Donate by phone button/icon

To donate by phone, call the SRC Foundation at (309) 649-6260.

Donate by mail button/icon

To donate by mail, send your check to:
Spoon River College Foundation
23235 N. County Hwy 22
Canton, IL 61520


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