Natural Resources & Conservation

Closely associated with the College’s Agricultural Business Management program, the Natural Resources and Conservation curriculum was established to take advantage of the growth in conservation science and nature tourism in the Central Illinois area. Supported by a strong foundation in agriculture, wildlife management, and soil conservation, the program also provides students opportunities for supervised internships in their preferred area of study. Students will develop hands-on land management skills including maintenance, chainsaw operation, forestry, herbicide decisions, prairie plant production, outdoor recreation, and wildlife management. Spoon River College’s 160-acre campus, including an arboretum, provides students with a wide range of management opportunities.

Certificates and Degrees

Nature of Work

Forests and rangelands supply wood products, livestock forage, minerals and water; serve as sites for recreational activities; and provide habitats for wildlife. Conservation scientists and foresters manage their use and development and help to protect these and other natural resources. For this reason, they are becoming known as natural resource managers. This program is part of the Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources Career Cluster.

Employment Opportunities

  • Foresters
  • Range Managers
  • Soil and Water Conservationists
  • Wildlife Manager
  • Park Ranger


Jeff Bash
Jeff Bash

Gainful Employment

Natural Resources and Conservation

AAS Degree​​

Natural Resources & Conservation: 62 Credit Hours
Fall Semester Courses Credit Hrs.
AG 103Intro. to Soil Science3
AG 106Intro. to Microcomputer Skills in Agriculture3
AG 107Emerging Issues in Agriculture & Natural Resources2
ABM116Wildlife Management2
 Agriculture Electives6
Spring Semester Courses Credit Hrs.
ABM118History/Production of Prairie Plants2
NRC220Land & Resource Management2
Choose one of the following courses:2-3
ABM135Crop Management OR(2)
AG 102Intro. to Crop Science(3)
Choose one of the following courses:3
GT 162Communication Skills OR(3)
ENG101Composition I(3)
 Agriculture Electives6
Summer Semester Courses Credit Hrs.
ABM155Crop Clinic Seminar3
Fall Semester Courses Credit Hrs.
ABM185Applied Agriculture Mechanization2
ABM119Introduction to Forestry2
HS 101First Aid2
 Agriculture Electives8
Spring Semester Courses Credit Hrs.
NRC210Environmental Practicum/Internship5
AG 100Introduction to Agricultural Economics & Agri-Business3
Choose one of the following courses:3
GT 150Applied Mathematics OR(3)
MAT125College Algebra OR(3)
MAT132Statistics OR(3)
MAT102General Education Math(3)
 Agriculture Electives2
Electives Credit Hrs.
AG 104Intro. to Animal Science**3
AG 105Intro. to Horticultural Science3
ABM131Fertilizers & Pesticides2
ABM140Agriculture Finance4
ABM171Livestock Management3
ABM190Intro. to Agricultural Sales3
ABM200Agricultural Sales Management2
ABM225Renewable Energy3
ABM235Agriculture Marketing3
ABM245Advanced Carcass & Meat Evaluation2
ABM250Advanced Livestock Selection2
NRC230Environmental Sustainability3
**If ABM 135 is chosen, AG 104 should be completed as an elective to ensure that the 15 hr. general education requirement is met.