Agricultural Business Management

​The Agricultural Business Management program is designed to prepare students for careers in production agriculture, farm management, agribusiness management, ornamental horticulture, precision technology, agricultural mechanics, local food production, and natural resources and conservation. Students learn to apply key concepts, principles and terminology of business (economics, management, finance, marketing, and others) and science (soils, crops, and animal) to real-world issues and opportunities in the agricultural and natural resources industries. Classroom and laboratory instruction, supervised agricultural experiences, team and individual projects, leadership, and interpersonal skill development activities prepare students for advanced training, higher education, and entry to agriculture and natural resource careers.

Certificates and Degrees

Nature of Work

Leaders are needed in all phases of agribusiness, from procuring ingredients to shaping production spaces and supervising a supply management system. Graduates are qualified for positions as entry level practitioners, assistant managers, team supervisors, technical representatives, and salespeople. Graduates of the Agricultural Business Management degree find employment in a variety of settings, including: home farms, commercial farms, supermarkets, feed or machinery firms, seed/feed dealers, precision agriculture, ornamental horticulture, landscape design, and other agribusinesses. This program is part of the Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources Career Cluster.

Employment Opportunities

  • Farmer
  • Farm manager
  • Agriculture research
  • Seed sales
  • Agriculture support
  • Nursery/greenhouse manager
  • Rancher
  • Ranch manager




Jeff Bash
Jeff Bash

Michael Woods
Michael Woods​​

Gainful Employment

Sustainable Food Production

AAS Degree​​

Agricultural Business Management: 69-72 Credit Hours

Fall Semester CoursesCredit Hrs.
ABM173Land Laboratory I*1
AG 107Emerging Issues in Agriculture & Natural Resources2
 Fall AG/ABM Courses8
 Thematic Electives #4
Spring Semester CoursesCredit Hrs.
ABM174Land Laboratory II*1
GT 150Applied Math (or MAT132)^3
HS 101First Aid (or HS 103, 104, 106, 109, or 111)^2-3
 Spring AG/ABM Courses5-8
 Thematic Electives #4
Summer Semester CoursesCredit Hrs.
ABM155Crop Clinic2
ABM210Cooperative Agricultural Internship I*1
Fall Semester CoursesCredit Hrs.
ABM175Land Laboratory III*1
ABM176Land Laboratory IV*1
 Fall AG/ABM Courses8
 Thematic Electives #6
Spring Semester CoursesCredit Hrs.
GT 162Applied Communications (or COM103 or ENG101)^3
 Spring AG/ABM Courses5-8
 Thematic Electives #6-8
Summer Semester CoursesCredit Hrs.
ABM215Coop. Agricultural Internship II**1
Fall AG/ABM CoursesCredit Hrs.
ABM140Agricultural Finances (Odd Years)2
AG 104Intro. to Animal Science (Odd Years)3
AG 106Computers in Agriculture (Odd Years)3
ABM200Agricultural Farm and Sales Management (Even Years)2
AG 100Introduction to Agriculture Economics & Agri-Business (Even Years)3
AG 103Intro. to Soil Science (Even Years)3
Spring AG/ABM CoursesCredit Hrs.
ABM235Agricultural Marketing (Odd Years)2
AG 101Intro. to Ag Mechanization (Odd Years)3
ABM190Ag. Sales & Entrepreneurship (Even Years)2
AG 102Intro. to Crop Science (Even Years)3
AG 105Intro. to Horticultural Science (Even Years)3

NOTE: #Students must choose 20-23 thematic focus course hours found below.

If student is transferring to pursue a Bachelor degree, substitute:
^transfer Math, English, Speech and 3 hr. Health Science.
*total of 6 hours from the approved IAI Humanities and Fine Arts Courses
**BUS250 or one IAI approved Social and Behavior Sciences courses.

Thematic Focus/Certificate

Agricultural Mechanics – Thematic Focus/Certificate: 10 Credit Hours
 Credit Hrs.
ABM153Precision Farming Systems2
ABM185Applied Ag Mechanization2
DTT108Introduction to Outdoor Power Equipment & Machinery Systems2
DTT109Principles of Agricultural Machinery Operation2
WEL100Introduction to Welding2

Agricultural Precision Technology – Thematic Focus/Certificate: 10 Credit Hours
 Credit Hrs.
ABM131Fertilizer & Pesticides2
ABM151Precision Agriculture: Hardware2
ABM152Precision Agriculture: Software2
ABM153Precision Farming Systems2
ABM195GIS in Agriculture & Natural Resources2

Agricultural Production – Thematic Focus/Certificate: 10 Credit Hours
 Credit Hrs.
ABM131Fertilizer & Pesticides2
ABM135Crop Management2
ABM153Precision Farming Systems2
ABM171Livestock Management2
 Open AG/ABM Elective2

Conservation Ecology – Thematic Focus/Certificate: 10 Credit Hours
 Credit Hrs.
ABM116Wildlife Management2
ABM118History/Prod. of Prairie Plants2
ABM119Introduction to Forestry2
NRC220Land & Resource Management2

Local Food Production – Thematic Focus/Certificate: 10 Credit Hours
 Credit Hrs.
ABM141Organic Food Production2
ABM142Introduction to Fruit & Vegetable Production2
ABM144Harvesting & Marketing Fruits & Vegetables2
ABM146Composting Systems2
ABM150Introduction to Permaculture2

Ornamental Horticulture – Thematic Focus/Certificate: 10 Credit Hours
 Credit Hrs.
ABM146Composting Systems2
ABM147Herbaceous Plant Identification2
ABM148Deciduous Woody Plant Identification2
ABM149Garden & Landscape Design2
ABM154Greenhouse & High Tunnel Crop Production2

Sustainable Food Production Certificate: 17 Credit Hours

Fall Semester Courses​Credit Hrs.
AG 103Introduction to Soil Science3
SBM101Introduction to Entrepreneurship3
ABM142Introduction to Fruit & Vegetable Production2
Spring Semester CoursesCredit Hrs.
ABM135Crop Management2
SBM215Small Business Development3
ABM144Harvesting & Marketing Fruit & Vegetable2
Summer Semester CoursesCredit Hrs.
ABM155Crop Clinic Seminar2