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Do you have the self-discipline to be an independent learner? Are your reading and writing skills up to the prerequisite levels required for the course? What is your purpose for taking an online course? If you aren't sure about yourself in some of these areas, your instructor or an advisor can help you clarify objectives and focus your efforts. If you are not sure if an online course is right for you, take the self-assessment quiz, OASIS (Online Assessment System for Internet Students). Another good place to start is our Online Learning FAQ. If you have reservations about taking an online course, review our other course delivery options.

Associate in Arts or Associate in Science Degree – ONLINE: 64 Hours

If you are pursuing an Online Associate in Arts or Associate in Science Degree, click on the Online Courses List button below to develop your individual degree plan. This is a listing of all available online courses.

  • Pay special attention to the credit hour requirements for each category as well as which semesters the classes are typically offered.
  • Additionally, please check the course schedules posted on My SRC in the Online Campus (OTH Campus) to verify availability of the courses listed below.
​ENG101, ENG102 & COM103 are required courses.
(*Students in AA/AS must receive a ―C or better in ENG 101 and 102)​
​Course Code
Course Title Semester(s) OfferedCredits
​ENG101Composition I ​​FA | SP | SU3​
​ENG102Composition II​FA | SP | SU​3
COM103​Speech CommunicationFA | SP​3
Humanities and Fine Arts – 9 credits required for AA; 6 credits required for AS (*must include at least one from the humanities list and one fine arts list)
​ENG255​The American Short Story​SP3​
PHI110​Introduction to Philosophy​FA | SP3​
​PHI115​​Ethics​FA | SP | SU3​
PHI120​Logic and Critical Thinking​FA | SP3​
​REL101​World Religions​FA | SP | SU​3
Fine Arts
​ART120Introduction to Art​​​FA | SP | SU​3
​ART122​Survey of Art I​FA​3
ART224​​History of 20th Century Art​SP3​
ENG141​​Introduction to Visual Communications​SP3
​MUS102​Introduction to American Music​​​FA | SP | SU​3
​MUS111​Music Appreciation​FA | SP | SU3​
Social and Behavioral Sciences – 6 credits required for AA; 9 credits required for AS
​BUS250Principles of Micro-Economics​FA | SP​​3
BUS251​Principles of Macro-Economics​​FA | SP​3
​GEO200​World Regional Geography​​FA | SP | SU​3
​HIS161Development of Western Civilization​​SP​3
​HIS260​American History to 1865​FA3​
HIS261​​American History 1865 to Present​SU​​3
​POL180American Government​ National​​​FA | SP | SU​3
PSY130​​General Psychology​FA | SP​3
​PSY236​Human Growth and Development​FA | SU3​
​SOC100Introduction to Sociology​​​​​FA | SP | SU​3
​SOC110Contemporary Social Problems​​​​​FA | SP | SU​3
​Mathematics and Natural Sciences – AA/AS students have two options in mathematics and natural sciences.
  • Option One (AA degree): Complete one IAI approved math course, and three science courses with at least one being a lab course. One of the three science courses must be an IAI physical science, and one an IAI life science course.
  • Option Two (AS degree) Complete 6-9 credit hours of college-level math courses-one math course must have IAI approval; and 10-11 credit hours of science courses-one an IAI life science course and one an IAI physical science course-One science course must be a lab course.
  • ​MAT132​Statistics​FA | SP | SU3​
    ​MAT125​College Algebra (NON-IAI Approved Course)​FA | SP | SU3​
    ​​MAT126​Plane Trigonometry (NON-IAI Approved Course)​SU3​
    Natural Sciences (+ Meets Lab Science Requirement)
    AA/AS degree-seeking students must complete one IAI life science and one IAI physical science. At least one of the science courses must be a lab class.
    ​BIO105Principles of Biology I ​FA | SP​4
    ​BIO140Introduction to Environmental Science (Non-Lab)SP | SU3
    ​BIO145​Microbes and Society (Non-Lab) FA​​3
    ​BIO128​Plants and Society (Non-Lab; NON-IAI Approved Course)​SP​3
    ​BIO111​Anatomy & Physiology Fundamentals (NON-IAI Approved Course)​SP​4
    ​BIO117​Evolution (Non-Lab; NON-IAI Approved Course)​FA​3
    Health Sciences – 3 credits total
    ​HS 103Personal, Physical/Mental Health​​FA | SP | SU3​
    ​HS 104​Human Sexuality​​FA | SP | SU​3
    ​HS 106​Nutrition I​FA | SP | SU​​3
    ​HS 108Lifelong Nutrition​​​FA | SP | SU1​
    HS 109​​Drugs and Addictions​FA | SP | SU​​3
    Electives – 20-21 credits required for AA degree; 21-23 credits required for AS degree. Electives can be chosen from any available online courses, but only 9 credit hours of career/technical (CTE) courses can be used towards the AA/AS degrees. CTE courses include those with the prefixes ABM, AH, CDT, CHD, CIS, DTT, FS, GDN, GT, NA, NUR, SBM, WEB, and WEL.

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    Acquire your textbook

    You can purchase the correct texts and other required materials through the SRC Bookstore. You may purchase texts in person at any SRC location -- Canton, Macomb, Havana and Rushville or online. Checks or money orders should be made payable to the SRC Bookstore. Charge cards are accepted. Books can be shipped to your home or office, but there is a shipping charge. When purchasing materials, please make the bookstore aware that you are enrolled in distance education courses.

    Contact your instructor

    Many instructors teaching an online class will send out a welcome email before the course begins. Watch for these communications in your SRC email account. Instructors will not send information to your personal email account so please check your SRC student account regularly. For more information, see Student Email Instructions.

    Technical requirements

    See the Computer/Mobile Requirements for Canvas in the online orientation site.

    Student Complaint Procedures

    Any full or part-time student may submit a complaint to the Dean of Student Services. The Dean will acknowledge receipt of the complaint, conduct an investigation, and respond to the student in a reasonable amount of time.

    Out-of-state online students should follow the same procedure. If the issue is not resolved locally first, out-of-state online students may file a complaint with the Illinois Community College Board at In compliance with the Federal Department of Education regulations, Spoon River College provides a list of State Agencies with contact information for each state.​​​​​​​​​​​​​