9.3.3 - Student Organizations – Role of the Advisor

Last updated on May 30, 2023

POLICY: Each recognized student organization must have an approved advisor.  Without an approved advisor, the organization has no authority to exist.


This policy applies to all Spoon River College student organization advisors.


  1. Advisor Responsibilities: The student organization advisor (or approved designee) has the following responsibilities:
    1. Has a thorough knowledge of the nature and objectives of the organization.
    2. Has a belief in and enthusiasm for the organization and its purpose.
    3. Able to attend meetings on a regular basis; meetings held without the advisor(s) are not official meetings and any business, expenditures, etc., considered must be approved by the advisor(s) before being official.
    4. Attends, when appropriate, organizational committee meetings.
    5. Is present at all organization functions and activities.
    6. Serves as liaison between the organization and the administration of the College and is familiar with Spoon River College Policies and Procedures.
    7. Is a general resource person for the group.
    8. Is employed by Spoon River College in capacity as staff, faculty, or administrator, with supervisor’s approval.
    9. Encourages the organization to plan, organize, facilitate, and evaluate its actions and activities.