9.3.2 – Student Organizations – Operations

POLICY:  Participation in Student Organizations is open to all students who meet membership requirements.


This policy applies to all Spoon River College students.


  1. Organization Membership:
    1. Membership in the organization may be limited to currently enrolled students; exceptions may be expressed in By-Laws.
    2. Organizations must have the minimum number of members [8] as prescribed by the College and must maintain a demonstration of continuous interest in the organization. In the event there is not sufficient interest, the Dean of Student Services and the Vice President of Instruction and Student Services may dissolve the club or grant temporary status not to exceed one year.
  2. Organization Requirements:
    1. Organizations must represent the interest of the members and the control of the organization must be with the College.
    2. Organization must agree to comply with Spoon River College Policies and Procedures, and all federal and/or state laws.
  3. Establishing New Organizations:
    1. Organizations must provide to the College a minimum of the following:
      1. A Student Organization Proposal Form requesting permission to establish the college affiliated organization.
      2. The proposed Constitution and By-Laws of the organization, which must clearly contain the following: name, purpose, proposed activities and rules of membership of the organization, the officers, their terms and methods of selection, the proposed nature and frequency of meetings and activities, and the financial plans of the organization, including any proposed fees, dues and assessments.
      3. The names of the charter members of the organization.
      4. The names of faculty/staff advisor and/or administrative officers of the College who will sponsor the organization.
      5. A statement of assurance of compliance by the organization that it will comply with all Policies and Procedures of the College.
    2. Copies of foregoing documents are submitted to the Dean of Student Services who is authorized to review and make recommendations concerning proposed organization to the Student Government Association and the Vice President of Instruction and Student Services.
    3. The Dean of Student Services is responsible for reviewing or authorizing the proposed organization; the Dean may require the advisor to clarify any materials or additional information and to resubmit the application.
  4. Conditions of Organization Authorization:
    1. Student organizations are authorized on an annual basis, and are subject to annual review and renewal for each ensuing year.
    2. Annual renewal will confirm that the organization has adhered to purposes, aims and activities as stated in the constitutions and bylaws.
    3. The organization must have remained in compliance with all college policies and federal/state laws.
    4. The organization must maintain a current list of officers and faculty/staff advisor.
    5. The organization must have submitted all required financial [containing revenue received and disbursements; fund-raising activities] and other reports to the College.
    6. Annual renewal of authorization of an organization is contingent upon completing these steps in order to ensure funding by the Student Government Association.
  5. Organizational Probation and Suspension and Withdrawal:
    1. An organization may be placed on probation, be suspended, or authorization may be withdrawn by the Dean of Student Services for any of the following reasons:
      1. The organization fails to maintain compliance with all reporting requirements.
      2. The organization ceases to operate as active organizations.
      3. The organization requests dissolution.
      4. The organization is in violation of rules and regulations of the institution, of federal or state laws, or
      5. The organization fails to submit any required reports.
    2. An organization, which is placed on probation, may continue to hold meetings but not sponsor any activity or program. Any organization, which is placed on suspension, may not engage in or sponsor any activity or program and may not hold meetings. Where registration of an organization is withdrawn, it will cease to exist as an organization.
    3. In the event an organization is placed on probation or suspended or registration is withdrawn due to a violation of rules and regulations of the institution or federal or state laws, the organization will be afforded the opportunity for a hearing before the Dean of Student Services.
  6. Officers of Student Organizations: Students under academic or social suspension from the institution are not eligible to become or maintain the status of an officer of an organization.
  7. Expected Conduct at Organization Events: Students are expected to conduct themselves on and off campus in a manner that is socially acceptable to the general community. Questions regarding appropriateness of activities should be directed to the Dean of Student Services. Individuals in violation of any of the above activities are subject to disciplinary action outlined in the Student Code of Conduct policy including revocation of the club charter.
  8. Fiscal Responsibility: Each organization will maintain a sound financial system related to the collection and distribution of funds in accordance with College Policies and Procedures. An organization may be subject to audit by representatives of the institution at any times.All revenue must be deposited with the College in the Student Organization’s Foundation account. The Spoon River College Vice President of Institutional Advancement and Community Outreach must approve all fund raising activities in advance.
  9. Unofficial or Unrecognized Clubs: Groups of students may participate in and/or coordinate activities that do not meet the criteria of official Student Organizations as outlined above. Unofficial or Unrecognized clubs do not receive College funding and cannot fundraise. While Unofficial or Unrecognized clubs do not have official College affiliation, it is expected that any member / participate follow the College’s Policies and Procedures.