9.2.3 – Attendance Policy

POLICY:  Regular and prompt attendance at all classes is expected of every student.  Specific attendance requirements are reflected on course syllabi; however, students will be excused from absences defined as “excused absences.”


This policy applies to all Spoon River College students.


Excused absences:  Excused absences fall into one of the following categories:

  1. College sponsored activities:
    1. Academic activities including, but not limited to, performing arts, individual events, or honors classes.
    2. Participating as an athlete in a college athletic program.
    3. Other college sponsored activities, including student government and student organizations. The activity must have a clear educational mission and be closely linked to academic pursuits or to other official college functions.
  2. Military Obligations:This is defined as absence as the result of military orders for a short-term [training] period.  Note:  Students subject to federal activation are covered by a separate policy.
  3. Jury Duty or Subpoena for Court Appearance:This applies to absences that are a result of official requests from a court of law.


  1. Student Responsibilities:
    1. The student must inform the faculty of his/her absence in advance of absence or as soon as practical. The student must request an opportunity to complete missed work or appropriate alternative provided by the faculty.
    2. It is the responsibility of the student to complete all coursework in a timely manner in cooperation with the faculty. All coursework must be completed prior to the end of the semester, regardless of the nature of the excused absence.
  2. Official Documentation to Support Excused Absence: The student may be required to provide evidence to support the excused absence to the faculty or the Dean of Student Services.  Examples of such documentation include:
    1. Schedule of games or activities verified by college coach or activity sponsor.
    2. Legal documentation indicating military obligation or court appearance.
  3. Non-Punitive: The faculty must honor a college excused absence covered by this policy and allow the student an opportunity to make up work missed. Punitive measures must not be taken against students who present an official college excused absence.
  4. Recommendations for Withdrawal from Class: If the faculty member believes that the number of absences accrued under the terms of this policy is such that the student cannot fulfill the learning experience or mastery that a course requires, he/she may recommend that a student withdraw from the class.
  5. Exclusions: This policy excludes those academic endeavors that require the completion of a certain number of clock hours, as in clinical or lab experiences, practica or internships.  For those courses, the maximum number of absences will be determined by the department chair or program supervisor.  This policy does not supersede program accreditation requirements.