9.2.10 – Residency Policy

POLICY:  Spoon River College determines student residency for state reporting, state funding, and local tuition purposes.


This policy applies to all Spoon River College Students.


Domicile:  Place where a student lives and which they intend to be their permanent home as evidenced by appropriate documentation.

In-District Student:  A student whose legal residence is within the boundaries of Spoon River College District #534.

Out-of-District Student:  A student whose legal residence is outside the boundaries of Spoon River College District #534, but whose legal residence is within the State of Illinois.

Out-of-State Student:  A student whose legal residence is in a U.S. state other than Illinois.

International Student:  A student whose legal residence is outside the United States or Territories thereof.


  1. Residency must be determined 30 days prior to the beginning of each semester. Any student whose residency cannot be established as in-district under this policy is categorized as out-of-district.
  2. The Dean of Student Services is ultimately responsible, along with the Director of Enrollment Services, to ensure compliance with residency determinations. Advisors are to request only updated address information from the student.


  1. The acceptable forms of documentation to determine student residency are verified by an approved staff member of the College and may include one of the following:
    1. a copy of the student’s driver’s license;
    2. automobile registration;
    3. voter registration card;
    4. latest state income tax form;
    5. property tax statement or deed; or
    6. other similar documentation providing verification of the student’s address.

    Approved forms are placed in the student’s permanent file.

  2. A student determined to be in-district for the current term, will remain in-district until there is notification of an address change. It is the student’s responsibility to provide notification of any address changes.
  3. Emancipated students residency status is verified based on their documentation.
  4. Concurrently enrolled full-time (12 hours) Western Illinois University students qualify for in-district status.
  5. Students residing in the Snapper Villas qualify for in-district status. Students must provide copy of current Snapper Villas lease.
  6. Students with documented verification of full time employment (at least 35 hours per week) within the district qualify for in-district status.