9.1.7 – Reinstatement of Student After Dismissal

POLICY:  Students seeking reinstatement after dismissal for disciplinary reasons may submit a written appeal.


This policy applies to all Spoon River College students.


College Days: College Days or any references to “days” used in this policy will mean days in which the College is open for business.


  1. The student submits a written appeal to the President. The appeal includes a current mailing address and a clear reason why reinstatement is warranted.  Emphasis is placed on what changes have occurred since the incident that justifies reinstatement.
  2. The President generally notifies the appellant within fifteen (15) college days that the appeal is in process.
  3. The President reviews the appeal for readmission within thirty (30) days of notification by the student and may convene a hearing to review the appeal.
  4. The appellant is notified if a hearing is scheduled. The appellant is permitted to attend and address the President.  The President may request additional information from the appellant and College files.  The College may request the appellant to submit to psychiatric, medical, or other associated testing.  The College is responsible for testing and evaluation selection and expenses.
  5. Upon review of all documentation, the President will render a decision.
  6. The outcome of the appeal by the President is final.
  7. The appellant is generally notified in writing of the decisions no later than fifteen (15) college days after the final determination.
  8. The appellant is eligible to resubmit an appeal for readmission no earlier than twelve (12) months from the determination rendered in the above five (5).