9.1.6 – International Students

POLICY:  It is the philosophy and objective of Spoon River College to serve the educational interest and needs of all international students.


This policy applies to all eligible students.


  1. International applicants are required to comply with the admission policies of the College.
  2. In addition to compliance with College admission policies, applicants must submit a transcript of their high school record and/or college work. This record must include the following information translated into the English language:
    1. Descriptive titles of courses studied;
    2. The total number of lecture and lab hours devoted to each course of study;
    3. Final grades in each course and an explanation of the grading system;
    4. A financial statement, which certifies that he/she, has adequate funds to carry themselves under normal conditions through a full year without need for local financial assistance.
  3. After receipt of the above documents the International Student Advisor notifies applicants of their admission or rejection. If they are accepted, the necessary forms from the United States Naturalization and Immigration Service are provided to the applicant.
  4. All international students are considered as out-of-state students for residency purposes for their entire period of enrollment at the College.
  5. Applicants for curricula with limited enrollments shall be considered for openings on the same basis as out-of-state students.
  6. All international students must remain full-time students as described by the College catalog as long as they remain at the College.
  7. For registration to be considered, all necessary documents must be received by SRC no later than as indicated in the timetable below. The Federal I-20 form is issued to the student only after all required documents have been submitted and approved.
    Fall SemesterAugust 112 hours
    Spring SemesterDecember 112 hours
    Summer SemesterMay 1  6 hours